Congress leader Rahul Gandhi (File photo)
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi (File photo)

We must adopt strict social isolation to slow down COVID-19 transmission: Rahul Gandhi

ANI | Updated: Mar 24, 2020 19:42 IST

New Delhi [India], Mar 24 (ANI): Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday urged people to be united in the fight against coronavirus and stressed the need for adopting strict social isolation.
"I would like to commend the doctors, frontline health workers, workers providing essential services, sanitation workers and the district administration for putting up a spirited fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Kerala has been at the frontline of testing, treating, isolation and tracing," Gandhi wrote in a letter.
"This stands testament to the resilient public health care system built by successive administrations and their ability to rise up in the face of great adversity. The public health personnel have displayed exemplary courage, even at great personal risk to themselves," he said.
Rahul stated that over the last few months, "several countries, most notably Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan that enforced social isolation and conducted mass testing early on, were able to contain the outbreak and drastically reduce fatalities."
"We must adopt strict social isolation and distancing measures to slow down transmission. Global public health experts have warned that a large number of cases remain undetected in India and could spread in the absence of containment measures. In this backdrop, the next three to four weeks is a crucial window to contain the pandemic in India and involves making urgent lifestyle changes," he said.
The Wayanad MP has appealed to people to "follow strict social isolation and distancing measures."
"Containing the virus requires us to minimise our contact with people as much as possible. It is also advisable to restrict our visits to grocery stores and other public spaces only when necessary," Gandhi stated.
"However, we must look out for vulnerable members in our communities, especially elderly and disabled people and help them responsibly. Please remember that social isolation is not a holiday and any non-essential travel or social gathering during this time will only heighten the risk of contracting COVID-19 for you and your loved ones," he said.
Gandhi has further requested people to "stay where ever you are and offer paid leave to those struggling to make ends meet."
"Every act of self-restraint will reduce transmission and help our heroic doctors and frontline health workers. Each one of us has a duty to ensure that our healthcare system is not burdened with preventable infections," he said.
"With cutting edge advances in medical sciences and technological tools to share clinical trial research across the world, we are on the path towards finding effective vaccines and drugs in the near future. But in the meantime, we can help slow down transmission by adopting effective hygiene and sanitation practices, and practising social distancing," he continued.
Gandhi also said that COVID-19 is a "test of our ability to work together and collectively fight against unpredictable crises."
"This is the time for national solidarity and unity. I strongly appeal to all of you again to heed all the public safety advisories being issued and remain vigilant," he further stated. (ANI)