Bengaluru Church Street (Photo ANI)
Bengaluru Church Street (Photo ANI)

Weekend traffic ban under 'Clean Air Street' at Bengaluru's Gandhi Bazaar to be expanded to other roads

ANI | Updated: Nov 29, 2020 12:02 IST

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], November 29 (ANI): After a weekend traffic ban on Bengaluru's popular road Church Street, the Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT) is planning to expand it to other areas in the city.
The vehicle ban initiative by DULT under the 'Clean Air Street' initiative, was started on November 7 and will be in place on Church Road for the weekends for five months in an effort to demonstrate innovative ways of combating air pollution.
Next road on the card is Gandhi Bazaar, a busy market area in Basavanagudi. To make Gandhi Bazar area a pedestrian-friendly road, DULT has consulted with GIZ, a German-based company, to design the initiative similar to Church Street.
Divya, a local has welcomed the move saying: "The air will be much better and cleaner now."
Another resident Karan said: "It's actually a very good decision. The roads look clean and we have got ample space to walk now. Hopefully, the air will be cleaner too. It feels much better than before."

Kritika, another local agreed with him. "This decision will not only reduce air pollution but also noise pollution in the area. The street is much peaceful now. Now, there is not much disturbance. It is easier to walk now."
A parent said, "The kids can roam around freely now. It is a good decision by the government."
"DULT had banned vehicles on the Church Street on November 7. We plan the same for Gandhi Bazaar area that is another busy market area near Basavanagudi. To make Gandhi Bazaar area a pedestrian-friendly road, DULT has consulted with GIZ, a German-based company, to design it similar to Church Street area where people can roam and enjoy in the ambience without any traffic or vehicle sound or parking problem" a press release said.
Vehicular emissions and construction activities contribute to the biggest pollutants in the city.
Tharun a local who frequents Church road said the decision to ban traffic on weekends is a good move. "During this COVID-19 crisis, I feel it is a good decision. By this, we can avoid overcrowding in the markets. We can spend quality time with our family and friends during weekends now."
On November 7, UK and India launched the Clean Air Street Initiative in Bengaluru. The new initiative was launched by the UK Catapult Network and DULT, Government of Karnataka to help transform Church Street in Bengaluru into a green haven for pedestrians. (ANI)