Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal (File photo/ANI)
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal (File photo/ANI)

Will fulfil Babasaheb's dream to educate all, says Arvind Kejriwal

ANI | Updated: Oct 23, 2021 21:41 IST

New Delhi [India], October 23 (ANI): Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday honoured 22 meritorious students from the Dalit community with certificates as part of Valmiki Jayanti celebrations organised at the Thyagaraj Stadium in the national capital.
These students were from Delhi government schools and had secured more than 90 per cent marks in the class 12th examination.
Kejriwal said, "This is the first time the Delhi Government has involved all the people of Delhi and eminent individuals at such a grand scale to come together to commemorate the works of Maharishi Valmiki.''
Kejriwal further said, ''We are celebrating and acknowledging the bright and young minds that were present with us on stage today. Earlier, no one wanted to send their kids to government schools. Now, they are excelling and scoring over 90 per cent in their exams. Students belonging to the most deprived backgrounds are now filled with hope and aspirations for their future - to become IAS officers, doctors, teachers. What could be a better way to celebrate Lord Valmiki, the most learned saint of all.''
''Valmiki community's two main pillars of strength - Lord Valmiki and Babasaheb Ambedkar, always gave utmost importance to education. The three lessons given by Maharishi Valmiki are respecting women, education, and compassion. Reading about Babasaheb taught me how he came from such a deprived background, how he has struggled to become the great person that we all look up to today.'' CM added.
CM also said, ''I ask you all, not for votes or money, but to promise me that no matter what happens, you will provide your children with the best standard of education possible, this is the highest form of patriotism right now. If all our children flourish, so will the country. This year 2.5 lakh students have made the shift from private schools to government schools! Additionally, aspiring lawyers, doctors, engineers looking to attend coaching for the various competitive exams face a large fee barrier, which our government has ensured to pay for.''
Arvind Kejriwal said, ''Get your kid enrolled, and we will take the responsibility for their fees. We have also ensured a loan of up to 10 lakh rupees for higher education without any collateral, which in case of failure to repay would be taken care of by the Delhi government. And after graduation, as the Social Welfare Minister and I have discussed, if a student wants to pursue a masters or doctorate in a foreign country like Babasaheb Ambedkar and can't afford it, - our government will pay for it. You will not have to struggle like Babasaheb, we are here for you.''
''I will make sure that what this country's leaders could not do in 70 years, I will make that happen and ensure that every Dalit child gets the best possible education on offer,'' CM concluded.
Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, Cabinet Minister Rajendra Pal Gautam, Deputy Speaker of Delhi Legislative Assembly Rakhi Birla and several other dignitaries were also present on the occasion. (ANI)