Women activist dubs Malad incident as inhumane

ANI | Updated: Nov 12, 2017 18:55 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra)[India], Nov 12 (ANI): Women activist Zeenat Shaukat Ali on Sunday came out in support of the lady whose car was towed while she was breast-feeding her child in Mumbai's Malad and dubbed the incident as inhumane.

"This was an inhuman way for how the cops to treat a mother breast-feeding her child. The duo would have got hurt because of such inhuman behaviour of cops," Zeenat told ANI.

"They could have asked the lady to step down from the car and not lift the car on such angle. That lady should have step down instantly when they were trying to lift the car or should have drawn public attention. This entire scenario was unorganised from both the side not just from the cops," added Zeenat.

A video of towing a car with a woman breast-feeding her seven-month-old baby in Malad created an uproar on social media.

However, the second video that surfaced on Sunday gave the entire argument over the incident a new twist. The recent video shot on a mobile phone shows that the seven-month-old baby was not inside the car but in the arms of another family member when the Mumbai Traffic Police warned to tow it away. The infant was taken inside, thereafter, indicating that situation could have been averted, on part of the parent.(ANI)