Plantation drive by youth of Kashmir and the Indian Army (Photo/ANI)
Plantation drive by youth of Kashmir and the Indian Army (Photo/ANI)

World Environment Day: Kashmiri youth organise plantation drive, underline communal harmony

ANI | Updated: Jun 05, 2021 15:53 IST

Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], June 5 (ANI): Youth in Jammu and Kashmir celebrated World Environment Day on Saturday by organising a plantation drive, during which they also highlighted another important message of communal harmony.
The plantation drive was supported by the Indian Army and many army officers and lay people gathered at a park in Kashmir and planted several trees.
A volunteer who participated in the drive told ANI that the best part about it was that people from all religions joined the initiative to support a single cause.
"I believe every day should be dedicated to the environment. The best part about today is that a single cause for the environment has brought people of all religions together. People from different religions are present here at the plantation drive today. We are taking small steps to bring a change, like today, we are at this park which is not in a very good condition. We are planting trees here," she said.

Another youngster, a student named Pragya saod: "Nature brings everyone together. It does not differentiate between Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, or any other religion. Thus, by being closer to the environment on World Environment Day, we want to convey that let us all bring peace and come together to join this venture. I am very glad so many people have gathered here for this cause."
Meanwhile, Fatima, another participant said that in her opinion, if the trees and plants, which sever as a source of oxygen to all, are not taken care of then everyone will suffer despite their religious backgrounds.

"It is very important to take up such initiatives because until and unless we make our environment sustainable, everyone's lives will be affected no matter which religion we follow. Oxygen is the most important thing that nature provides us. If we do not have that, our lives would be in danger," said Fatima. (ANI)