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The Yamuna Sports Complex COVID-19 centre. (ANI/pictures)
The Yamuna Sports Complex COVID-19 centre. (ANI/pictures)

Yamuna Sports Complex converted into COVID-19 care centre dedicated to mother and child

By Niranjan | Updated: Dec 30, 2021 13:15 IST

New Delhi [India], December 30 (ANI): In the wake of increasing COVID-19 infections in the national capital, the Delhi government had converted the Yamuna Sports Complex into a COVID-19 care centre dedicated to mother and child.
The responsibility of this COVID-19 centre has been given to the Shahdara District administration and the Doctors For You organisation. While speaking to ANI, Rajat Jain, the Chairman of the Doctors for You organisation said, "The Yamuna Sports Complex has been transformed into a mother-child health care centre. We have made a pediatric play area here for the COVID-19 infected children".
According to Dr Jain, the COVID-19 positive mother, who is not very serious and has just been advised isolation, can be accommodated in the make-shift hospital along with her child. "It's very difficult and challenging to keep a child behind closed doors for 10 to 12 days. Doing so would also harm their mental state. So, we at the Yamuna Sports Complex COVID-19 centre have created an environment so that the children do not feel that they are in hospital. It has also been noticed that children in a happy environment recover faster", added Dr Jain.
During the second wave, there were 800 beds in the Yamuna Sports Complex centre. "As the Delhi government saw an increase in cases due to Omicron, we have made this COVID-19 centre operational. There are a total of 100 beds operational at present with 50 double beds and another 50 single beds", added the doctor. Double beds are for a mother with her 4 to 5 year-old-child. The other beds would be made functional in another 48 hours, added Dr Rajat Jain.
As per information, special attention is being given to the oxygen facility keeping the second wave oxygen crisis in mind. "Four 500-500 LPM oxygen plants are at the Yamuna Sports Complex centre which can produce up to 2,000 LPM oxygen. So we can address oxygen to 300 beds by this. Besides this, there are cylinders and concentrators. Other 200 oxygen cylinders have been refilled", added the doctor.
"A very serious patient would require a maximum of 10 LPM quantity oxygen while a moderate COVID-19 patient would require 5 to 6 LPM of oxygen. Therefore through this oxygen plant, we can cater to as many as 400 patients", informed Dr Jain.
He further added that the Yamuna Sports Complex COVID-19 centre has been attached with GTB hospital. Serious patients would be shifted to the GTB hospital for treatment. (ANI)