Rap song composers talking to ANI on Sunday. Photo/ANI
Rap song composers talking to ANI on Sunday. Photo/ANI

Youngsters compose rap song to urge people to vote in Maharashtra polls

ANI | Updated: Oct 20, 2019 15:10 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Oct 20 (ANI): In a bid to urge more and more people to go out and cast their votes in the upcoming Maharashtra Assembly elections, a group of youngsters in Mumbai has banked upon their musical prowess to bring about a change.
This group of three men in their early twenties has composed four rap songs in two different languages -- Hindi and Marathi -- uring people to go out and exercise their franchise on October 21.
'Badheer Yeh Samaaj,' and 'Matdaan Kar' by 21-year-old Raj Shinde and 'Pehla Vote Pehla Pyaar' by Vishnu Nair are the three Hindi songs while 'Vote Kara' composed by Rohan Rao is the Marathi rap song.
According to the rappers, they composed the songs after one Chaitnaya Prabhu, who runs an NGO, approached them with the idea.
"When I was 18, I used to think that nothing will happen by voting. We used to plan outings with our friends on polling days. However, now I realise that if we want to pick the right person, we need to go out and vote," Rao said.
Shinde said that they decided to make the songs because music is always widely appealing to the people.
"I felt that some voters don't want to hear the truth. Politicians are voted to power despite corruption cases and scams against them. Through our songs, we want to tell people to choose their representatives by going out and voting," he said.
"It is our responsibility to ensure we only vote for those who have worked well," Shinde added.
Prabhu runs an NGO named 'Mark Your Presence' that aims to create a positive change in society by reaching out to the citizens on relevant issues. (ANI)