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Gift ideas to make your Friendship Day special

Samar Kaur | Updated: Aug 03, 2019 20:26 IST

By Samar Kaur
New Delhi [India], August 03 (ANI): Friendship is the most beautiful relationship we cherish in a lifetime. It is unique because unlike other relationships we make our own choices. Where apparently parents, siblings and all those annoying relatives are god sent, friends are our making.
Friends make life bearable, they are the only people who side with us even when we are wrong. Their presence is like a warm hug or a hot cup of coffee on a rainy day, which makes you feel cozy and secure. Whether near or far, friends have undeniable importance in our lives.
Friendship deserves an ode, and for this, Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August every year. This year, it falls on August 4.
Here are a few unique and pocket-friendly gifting ideas to celebrate this special day:
1. Memory books- Designing a memory book to contain pleasant memories with your friend would definitely make your pal feel special and blessed that you not only preserved the box of memory but also didn't miss the opportunity to share that with him/her. Imagine you and your friend sitting together on this day and browsing through a personalized book published by you! It is indeed a beautiful way to cherish and celebrate friendship.

2. Novels- Books are something that a for everyone, even if a person is not an avid reader. Books can always be relied on as a gift as they last lifelong, symbolizing your intent for the relationship with your friend. Moreover, books are thoughtful presents, easy to wrap and portable, making them a perfect gift. So, look into your friend's interest and reach out to a bookstore soon!

3. Soft Toys- Soft toys not only decorate the living space but also exhibit warmth empathy, affection, and bonding. They give a person an additional feeling of ownness. What can beat a teddy bear at times when a person feels lonely and recalls you through a memorable gift!

4. Friendship Day cards- Whether handmade or readymade, cards are always a special way to express your feelings. They also reduce the anxiety of buying a good gift for your friend as a card is in itself an expression of love and compassion that you have put into a relationship throughout your life.

5. Bag of fun- Gifting utility item is always a good idea as the person while using the item, also recalls the one who gifted it. Imagine writing your day in a diary gifted by your friend!
This bag of fun can include anything ranging from stationery to beauty products. You may also include items like candies, scarves, hats, sunglasses, etc.

6. Personalized photo calendar- This Friendship day you can make an everlasting presence in your friend's heart as well as space. Just get a personalized calendar that your friend can set up on his/her work-desk, study table or just beside their bed, recalling and thanking you for cherishing the bond of friendship. Besides this, it won't be heavy on your pocket to gift one and would keep your friendship in the spotlight for the rest of the year.

7.Home Decor- Decorating personal space is important as it is own heaven. Select a home decor item that would add on to the aesthetic value of your friend's space and bring them more peace every time they enter their home. Home decor items can include decorative pieces like statues, vases, hanging arts, frames, etc.

8. Couple T-Shirts- Twinning with your friend and roaming around the city may be something that might sound out of the box this friendship day. Order and grab some pretty beautiful T-shirts of your friend's favorite color and step out for a movie, lunch or dinner or just anything you can imagine.

9. Indoor plants- Go green, think out of the box and send a plant instead of a bunch of flowers. Plants not only add an element of freshness around you but also can serve as a symbol of growing and nurturing relations between you and your pal. Apart from this, it also adds positivity to space and makes a person's day brighter, happier and healthy. Select some indoor, air-purifying plants or Bamboo and spread positivity that will be remembered!

10. Backpacks- Travelling with a pal is the best thing that can really exist in this busy world. It not only gives you a chance to explore the world but also re-live your friendship by creating some fresh memories that will last for the rest of the life. Gifting a backpack is also a unique idea to drag your friend's attention to the whole idea of traveling together.

11. A day out with the friend- Giving someone a chunk of your time is an amazing way to express how special a person is. Plan a day out with your friend, spend some quality time nourishing your bond. You can get tickets for an upcoming music concert or a go-to spa with your friend. The idea is relaxing together and go out of the normal routine to rejuvenate your brains and reboot your body as well as friendship.
12. Letters- Revive the lost glory of the olden days when people used to wait eagerly for letters from their loved ones. It may sound obsolete but letters do retain the love and warmth in hand-written form and can be preserved as a long-lasting memory. Instead of texting your friend on WhatsApp or sending an e-mail, let their door-bell ring and surprise them.13. Polaroid cameras- Life is all about creating beautiful memories, gift your friend a cute polaroid camera in a cool shade of their choice and document your moments together to cherish. The idea is highly feasible, handy and pocket-friendly as well!
14. 3D wall paintings- Evoke some emotions this friendship day by gifting your friend a 3D wall painting. Paintings are treasures that never turn into the trash, just choose some nice concepts like buddha wall paintings or something that connects to peace and life. Being eco-friendly and easy to maintain this idea will earn you an extra chunk in your friend's heart.
For those who aren't interested in the idea of celebrating this day just do something good to someone. Bring your colleague a cup of coffee. Make a call to a dear friend who you have lost contact with, tell them how special the days spent together are. Be a reason for someone to smile and make their day cheerful after all everyone has a right to have a happy and a bright day. (ANI)