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Have a sweet tooth ? Bankura brings you the best `Langcha` in town

| Updated: Sep 20, 2016 13:53 IST

Bankura (West Bengal) [India], Sept.20 (ANI): Known generally for its historical and cultural significance, Bankura district in West Bengal has now grabbed attention for its unique 'Langcha', a mouth-watering dessert made of pure desi ghee. A local sweet shop, located near the Piardoba railway station, has become the talk of the village for its self-sufficiency as a variety of desserts, especially Langcha, is being prepared by milk delivered from a dairy farm set up by the owner. "At first, we didn't have a food centre in here. That time we only had a milk selling business. Many customers and businessmen told us to establish a food centre. I was a student back then and my elder brother Pabitra Kumar Pal said if we have to set up a food centre, then we must make food using pure desi ghee as we have many cows in our dairy farm," said Parimal Pal, the sweet centre owner. Parimal observed that since the establishment of the food centre, people from outside the region have started visiting frequently as the railway station is nearby. Explaining how Langcha is made, Parimal said: "Our special sweet recipe includes pure and natural milk, ghee, curd cheese made by original curd cheese water. Firstly, we use milk to extract curd cheese, then mix it with little amount of Maida flour and sugar, make small pieces of dough and fry it in pure ghee. When it turns light brown, we soak it into sugar water to sweeten it." According to workers at the shop, the delectable Langcha has become so popular that it is being supplied to several shops across the country, including in metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Chennai. Customers also appeared to be content with the dessert, lauding it for its low price. "The taste is very good and it is a famous sweet of this area. People know the sweet shop of Piardoba. We came here to buy this sweet though we have many sweet shops in Bishnupur. This sweet has the taste of desi ghee and the price is also cheap. We are getting this sweet at Rs.4 instead of the market price of Rs.10," said a customer. (ANI)