Railways to invest Rs .73,000cr to solve safety-related woes

ANI | Updated: Feb 13, 2018 22:02 IST

Railways to invest Rs .73,000cr to solve safety-related woes .

New Delhi [India], Feb 13 (ANI): Railway Minister Piyush Goyal on Tuesday announced plans to invest a sum of Rs . 73,000 crore towards resolving safety-related problems faced by commuters .

Addressing an India Infracon event organised by Asian News International (ANI) here, Goyal said a change in mindset is crucially required to implement large-scale projects across the country .

"The best excuse has been lack of funds . We were used to taking long years to implement projects, using age-old technology . However, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has changed the mindset from a shortage of funds to availability of funds for every good idea . In order to ensure safety in railways, we plan to invest about Rs . 73,000 crore in safety-related issues next year," the minister said .

Given the rising volume of rail accidents, including head-on collisions that have taken place in the recent past, Goyal called for the installation of a more robust signaling structure, particularly during the winter when travel is often affected by fog and pollution .

"In 30 seconds, we decided that Indian Railways and the people of India deserve the world's most modern signaling system, which will be implemented in next six to seven years . For this, identification of bottlenecks is necessary . There is a need to modernise signaling, and improving line capacity," said the minister .

Goyal said that modernising of the railways would not only address rail safety, but also punctuality, which has been flagged as a key area of concern by travellers . (ANI)