'Sensitive' Rahul Gandhi concerned about Dalits, minorities: Congress

| Updated: Jul 21, 2016 00:55 IST

New Delhi, July 20 (ANI): Defending party vice-president Rahul Gandhi who was found taking a nap in the Parliament, the Congress on Wednesday said the former is very sensitive when it comes to issues concerning the Dalits, adivasis and minorities, adding the ruling BJP at the Centre must not highlight this episode for political gains. Questioning the mindset of those politicizing the matter, Congress leader Madhusudhan Mistry said the opposition has no other work to do at this point of time. "If I have just kept my eyes closed while I am sitting then it does not mean that I am sleeping. The people ponder over several things when they keep their eyes closed, but his mind is working and he listens to others," Mistry told ANI. "This all is being done to politicize the matter. I question the mindset of such elements. Rahul ji is a very sensitive person and gives prominence to the issues concerning the Dalits, adivasis and minorities," he added. The Congress leader further said those politicizing this matter don't have any other work to do. Commenting on the Congress vice-president's upcoming visit to Una, Gujarat, Mistry condemned the ruling BJP for playing politics on such sensitive issues. "There is nothing wrong in consoling the victims and assuring the society in this hour of crisis. The people actually realize as to who stands by them at this point of time. If Rahul Gandhi is visiting there then the entire nation is taking note of it," he added. Attempting to corner the Gujarat Government, Mistry asserted that there have been several cases of atrocities against Dalits in the BJP-ruled state, adding nobody has been punished till date in this regard. The Congress vice-president would be visiting Una town in Gujarat tomorrow where some Dalit youths were brutally thrashed last week for allegedly killing a cow. The video of the incident went viral, sparking protests. A policeman was killed in mob violence and a Dalit committed suicide as protests escalated against last week's incident. (ANI)