2 killed, 1 injured as vehicle falls into gorge in Himachal Pradesh

| Updated: Aug 05, 2017 17:31 IST

Himachal Pradesh [India], August 5 (ANI): Two people were killed and one other person was injured on Saturday when their pickup vehicle fell into a deep gorge in Thunag valley in Mandi district. A pickup vehicle carrying three people, out of which one was the driver, fell into a 200-feet gorge at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday. They were travelling in the Rababagh area in Thunag valley. They were traveling to the Jaidevi area which was nearby. The bodies have been recovered and the injured person have been hospitalized. The deceased have been identified as Mahesh Thakur and Kishori Lal. Padam Ram is being treated in a nearby hospital. The reason for the accident is not known as yet. (ANI)