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Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu
Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu

57 pc of Rajya Sabha sittings in last 13 sessions witnessed disruptions: Chairman Naidu

ANI | Updated: Jul 18, 2022 17:12 IST

New Delhi [India], July 18 (ANI): As the monsoon session of the Parliament began on Monday, Rajya Sabha Chairman Venkaiah Naidu said 57 per cent of the sittings of the Upper House witnessed disruptions either fully or partly during the last 13 sessions of his tenure.
Naidu, presiding over the last session as Chairman of the House, described his stewardship of the last 13 sessions as a "learning, revealing and even a testing experience".
"Fify seven per cent of the sittings of the House were either fully or partly disrupted during this period. One forty one of the 248 scheduled full sittings of the House during this period were either fully or partly disrupted and it could have been much better given the mission for the nation," he said.
He urged the members to rise to address the demands of the next 25 years of 'Amrit Kaal' by the end of which the country's population is set to increase by another 20 crore.

In his opening remarks in the House on the first day of the monsoon session, Naidu said he did his best for the effective functioning of the House and was willing to take responsibility if his best was found short of the expectations.
"Dealing with about 245 members of the House from over 30 parties with different minds, inclinations and ideologies is quite revealing and even a testing experience. I tried to the best of my abilities to draw the best out of all of you as a collective...The credit for the positives would entirely go to all of you. If my best was found to be short of your expectations, I would not hesitate to take responsibility for the same," he said.

Naidu said he would give a detailed perspective account of the functioning of the House during the last 13 sessions of his tenure on his last day in office next month.

Noting that this monsoon session would be the last in the 75th year of Independence of the country, Naidu said that the 25-year 'Amrit Kaal' beginning thereafter is critical to take the country to an entirely to new plane and urged the Members to rise to the occasion.
He expected the monsoon session to set the right tone in this regard.
"I would expect all of you to be propelled by the spirit of New India @ 100' so that our nation makes up for missed time and opportunities...Our population will increase by about 20 crores when Independent India turns 100 years," he said.
"The challenges and opportunities that come with it need to be addressed with a long-term vision and imagination...Members of Parliament need to rise to the occasion," he said.
Naidu informed the members that during the inter-session period, seven department-related parliamentary standing committees of the House have held a total of 29 meetings at an average duration of two hours and attendance of over 46 per cent per meeting.
He complimented the chairmen and members of five of these committees for their good work.

The Chairman also referred to the milestone of 200 crore COVID-19 vaccination jabs in the country achieved on Sunday and placed on record the appreciation of the House to vaccine makers and producers, the Central and state governments, the frontline workers and the people in particular.

The Chairman urged the members to enable a safe and productive monsoon session of the House. Venkaiah Naidu's term ends on August 10. (ANI)