Activists to counter bail given to Chennai brutes for torturing dog

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Chennai, July 6 (ANI): The two men who flung a dog mercilessly off a roof in Chennai were granted bail immediately after they were arrested and taken to the SriPerumbadoor Court on Wednesday. Earlier talking to the media, animal activist Shravan Krishnan said they would counter the bail. We would definitely take action against them. We would fight and we would make sure that they get the punishment that they deserve. We will counter the bail application if they file it," Krishnan added. The dog, which is now addressed by animal lovers as 'Bhadra' was thrown off a terrace by a MBBS student. She miraculously survived the fall but suffered a fracture in one of her hind legs. She was brought to the Madras Veterinary College in Vepery for medical treatment today. The veterinary doctors earlier today conducted a medical check-up on the dog and said at present it is in a state of shock. In a horrific video, the medical student was seen throwing the dog from a roof. The video went viral, generating an outcry of disgust and horror. In the disturbing video, the man is seen holding the dog by the neck, balancing her on the edge of the roof. The man then goes on to mercilessly drop the dog. The video ends with the sound of the dog hitting the ground below and howling in agony. The video even shows the falling of the dog in slow-motion, which indicates the level of insensitivity on part of the man. However, the nation rejoiced yesterday when reports surface that the dog had survived the brutality and a cry rose to arrest the brutes seen in the video. (ANI)