Actress Gautami wants PM Modi to probe into 'secrecy' surrounding Jayalalithaa's death

| Updated: Dec 10, 2016 13:48 IST

Chennai [India], Dec. 10 (ANI): Tamil film actress Gautami Tadimalla on Saturday asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to order probe into the sequence of events surrounding the hospitalisation and death of late chief minister J. Jayalalithaa. Speaking to ANI after shooting off a letter to Prime Minister Modi, Gautami said her intentions were not to question the medical treatment given to the chief minister, but to know what exactly happened during those 75 days in hospital. "I am not questioning, I have simply asked what is the sequence of events, what exactly happened during those 75 days that our chief minister was admitted in the hospital. I have not asked for medical details, I have not asked for treatment details, I have not asked anything that can come under patient-doctor confidentiality," she said. She said it was highly suspicious to keep Jayalalithaa in isolation. "Our chief minister had earned a name for being very accessible and somebody who was always there for the people. So, it naturally occurred to me to talk to the Prime Minister. Addressing the letter to the Prime Minister, Gautami said, "Her demise is all the more tragic and unsettling because of the circumstances over the past few months and the sheer volume of unanswered questions about our late chief minister's hospitalisation, treatment, reported recovery and very sudden passing. There has been a near total blanketing of information regarding these matters." "Nobody had been allowed access to her and many dignitaries who visited her with deep concern, were denied an opportunity to convey their wishes in person. Why this secrecy and isolation of a beloved public leader and the head of the Tamil Nadu government?" she added. She also sought to know as to who were taking decisions when the late chief minister was hospitalised. "What and whose authority restricted access to the late chief minister? Who were the concerned persons who were making the decisions about Jayalalithaaji's treatment and care when her health was apparently in such a delicate state? And who is responsible for these answers to the people? These and many other burning questions are being asked by the people of Tamil Nadu and I echo their voice in bringing them to your ears, sir," she said. "No doubt some might say that it is a moot point, because it has happened as it has, but that, sir, is precisely my fear. I ask these questions now because it is a primary concern and right of every citizen of India to be aware of and informed about their democratically-elected leaders," she added. (ANI)