Afghan cyclists reach India to convey message of peace

| Updated: Aug 16, 2016 18:48 IST

New Delhi, Aug.16 (ANI): In a move to promote peace, the two Afghan cyclists Dr. Nader Shah and his son Firoz Khan started a round-the-world trip in 2015. In a span of a year and two months they have travelled more than 11000 KMs by bicycle to 15 countries in Asia, Europe and American to convey the message of the people of Afghanistan to the world. On their trip they met with Secretary General of United Nations H.E. Ban Ki Moon in May this year and conveyed to him the message of peace and friendship of the people of Afghanistan: "We, the people of Afghanistan, deliver the message of peace and friendship to the United Nations and the world at large through our cyclist champion, Dr. Nadir Shah Nangarhari and his son Fairooz Khan. Afghans are tired of incessant conflict imposed on them. They want to live in peace and be an active member of the United Nations. Our nation has suffered a lot from various violent extremist groups and their divisive and destructive agendas. We deserve to live in peace and prosperity, with proper security, good governance, and equal rights for all. We urge the United Nations and member states for continued support so that we can prove to be a productive member of this beautiful world." The two cyclists will arrive at the Embassy of Afghanistan on Wednesday (August 17) at 11 a.m. Dr. Shaida Mohammad Abdali, the Afghan Ambassador to India will receive them at the embassy. (ANI)