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Ali Anwar goes into defence mode over his 'textile ministry' remark

| Updated: Jul 07, 2016 16:37 IST

New Delhi, July 7 (ANI): Reacting strongly over the alleged remark against Smriti Irani being shifted to the Textile Ministry would help cover her body, Janata Dal (United) leader Ali Anwar on Thursday rubbished the charges and said that there are some sections in the media who are portraying him in negative light. Upon being asked to apologies for the remark, Anwar instead asked the media to apologies that modified the statement. "There are some sections in the media who altered the statement I made. I think the media should instead apologies which have portrayed me in a negative manner," he told ANI. Anwar however said that the statement was made in regard to Textile Ministry and was not directed against the minister. "This is completely wrong. I never made such a statement, I never commented on Smriti Irani, rather I was commenting about the Textile Ministry which covers the body of people. I always respect women, why would I say about her. I have immense respect for her," he added. He further clarified that had he made any derogatory remark, he would have apologized within minutes. The JD (U) leader and Rajya Sabha MP had allegedly made a shocking statement after Irani was shifted to the Textile Ministry. "Good that Irani has been elected as textile minister; it will help her cover body," he said. (ANI)