YSRCP MLA Vasantha Krishna Prasad (Photo/Twitter)
YSRCP MLA Vasantha Krishna Prasad (Photo/Twitter)

Andhra illegal mining: YSRCP MLA accuses TDP leaders of making false, fabricated allegations against him

ANI | Updated: Aug 02, 2021 23:00 IST

Amravati (Andhra Pradesh), August 2(ANI): YSRCP MLA Vasanta Krishna Prasad on Monday has slammed Telugu Desam Party (TDP) leaders for allegedly making false and fabricated allegations against him in illegal mining issue.
Prasad said he is showing proof for mining activity in the land in question since the 1940s.
After the arrest of the TDP leader and former minister Devineni Umamaheswara Rao, verbal brawls between ruling and opposition parties have escalated. TDP is accusing that the ruling party MLA Vasanta Krishna Prasad's benamis have been indulging in illegal mining in the Kondapalli reserve forest area.

YSRCP claimed that the land in question is not forest land but revenue land, and a stay in that regard was issued during the TDP regime only, and mining activity has been going on there for almost 50 years.
TDP leaders alleged on Sunday that a fake survey number 143 was created in Loya village near the Kondapalli forest area when YS Rajasekhar Reddy was the Chief Minister.
"I condemn the allegations of TDP leaders on mining activity in Kondapalli and surrounding areas that survey number 143 was created during the regime of YS Rajasekhar Reddy. In fact, that survey number of land is in existence since the pre-independent era. Survey number 143 was marked in the survey records of 1943. When one person had applied for mining in that survey numbered land in 1993, the mining officials had granted permission. So, the allegations of TDP are baseless and false ones," said Vasanta Krishna Prasad, while addressing media today.
"The permission for continuing mining activity in the said survey number 143 was granted based on the inquiry reports submitted during the previous TDP regime only. The TDP regime during 2014-19 was full of corruption. At that time, two ministers had taken a bribe of Rs 9 crores from MSMEs by claiming that they would provide financial aid for spinning mills, but did nothing," he continued.
Speaking further, he said: "Previous TDP government had filed ED and CBI cases on me illegally. I will soon approach the High court to relieve me from such illegal cases. Devineni Umamaheswara Rao has been slinging mud on me since TDP lost power in 2019. TDP leaders are slamming me that I have studied tenth standard only. What's wrong with that. I mentioned the same in my election affidavit too. Such personal attacks yield nothing." (ANI)