Andhra Pradesh MPs meet Venkaiah Naidu

| Updated: Aug 03, 2017 20:03 IST

New Delhi [India], August 03 (ANI): Members of Parliament from Andhra Pradesh on Thursday morning met NDA's (National Democratic Alliance ) vice presidential candidate Venkaiah Naidu here. Elections to the next vice president is scheduled on 5th August. On 17th July, former Union Minister of information and broadcasting Venkaiah Naidu was picked up by NDA against opposition United Progressive Alliance's vice presidential candidate Gopal Krishna Gandhi, who is former Governor of West Bengal. The Vice-President is elected by the members of the Electoral College consisting of the members of both Houses of Parliament in accordance with the system of proportional representation by means of the single transferable vote. The nominated Members of Rajya Sabha as well as of Lok Sabha are also eligible to be included in the Electoral College and, therefore, are entitled to participate in the election.(ANI)