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Former Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah. (File Photo/ANI)
Former Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah. (File Photo/ANI)

Animal husbandry minister can't tell goat from cow: Siddaramaiah

ANI | Updated: Feb 05, 2023 23:24 IST

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], February 5 (ANI): Former Karnataka chief minister and the Leader of Opposition in the Karnataka Assembly, Siddaramiah, on Saturday launched an attack on state Animal Husbandry Minister, Prabhu Chauhan, calling him a 'fool' who cannot tell a goat from a cow.
Taking to social media, Siddaramiah made a series of tweets in which he slammed the Animal Husbandry Minister of state and the functioning of the state government. "This minister is not fluent in any language including Kannada. Such people are unfit to be MLAs," he wrote in the Kannada.
"Minister Prabhu Chauhan had said that they will vaccinate all the cattle in the state by January 15, but still 10 to 15 lakh cattle have not been vaccinated. Such unqualified ministers are in the BJP government. Those who tell such blatant lies are unfit to be MLAs, Siddaramiah wrote.

"We supported the JDS because to stop the communalist BJP from coming to power. However, the coalition government could not be sustained by HD. Kumaraswamy. He lost power by staying at the Westend Hotel and not allowing MLAs and ministers to visit him," the minister said.
Lashing out at the BJP, the minister compared said, "The BJP leaders paid Rs 15 to 20 crores to each MLA and formed the government under the leadership of Yeddyurappa through 'Operation Kamala."
"In 2013, we fulfilled 158 of the 165 promises made and launched 30 new programmes. The BJP made 600 promises in 2018, of which 50 to 60 were not fulfilled, " the minister claimed.
Siddaramiah said by imposing an 18 per cent tax on pens, pencils, books, and yoghurt, the government had put more burden on the common man.
However, the Congress has decided to give Rs 20,00 per month to every house owner and 200 units of electricity per month for free, he added. (ANI)