TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu [File photo/ANI]
TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu [File photo/ANI]

AP: TDP chief questions YSRCP government for relying on BCG report for capital formation, says BCG report full of 'lies'

ANI | Updated: Jan 04, 2020 16:29 IST

Amaravati (Andhra Pradesh) [India], Jan 4 (ANI): TDP president N Chandrababu Naidu on Saturday questioned Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy led YSRCP government for its decision to make the report of Boston Consulting Group (BCG) the basis for the formation of the state capital.
"What right do you have to engage the BCG for a report on the capital? BCG is a consultancy. Any consultancy will give a report as the client requires. Whatever you ask, they will give the report accordingly," Naidu questioned at a press conference here.
"The Sivaramakrishna Committee, which was constituted at the time of the bifurcation of the state, gave a positive report over Vijayawada and Guntur. The then government had taken decision based on that report. Who are you to alter that decision now," he said.
"The present Chief Minister Reddy had also accepted the proposal for establishing a capital in and around Amaravati. The Sivaramakrishna Committee indicated that this area -- Amaravati -- is the best place. It said the land is the only disadvantage but farmers came forward and sacrificed their 33,000 acres of land for the capital," he added.
He said: "Amaravati is a suitable place for the capital. It is in the centre of the state. The YSRCP government is spreading wrong information about Amaravati. Our 'Vision 2020' is far better than the BCG report. They have copied from our report. All economic parameters were good during our regime. The GN Rao Committee suggested four zones in the state. Now the BCG is suggesting six zones."
Former Chief Minister Naidu went on to allege that the YSRCP government stalled development projects in Visakhapatnam.
"How was Visakhapatnam before and after Hudhud cyclone? We developed that city after that cyclone. We tried to bring an international airport in the city whereas you (YSRCP government) only caused trouble. We sanctioned metro rail in Visakhapatnam but you stopped it. We launched many developmental projects in Visakhapatnam but you stopped all of them. Why are you not executing those projects," asked Naidu.
"The same is the case with Kurnool. We tried for an airport there. Why did the government stop it? We have started many developmental projects in Rayalaseema. All the projects have been stopped during your rule," he said.
Naidu attacked the BCG report by terming it 'nonsensical'.
"BCG report is nonsense and full of lies. It is waste paper. BCG report says only two greenfield cities are successful in the world. It is wrong. Many cities are being developed as greenfield cities. Amaravati is not greenfield city alone, but brownfield city too," he said.
"There are many cities in India, which have been developed as capitals like Gandhinagar, New Raipur, Navi Mumbai, etc. Instead of taking them as examples, the BCG took wrong examples. BCG lost its credibility. It has played with the lives of 5 crore people. Did they ever study the State Reorganisation Act? They quote the examples of South Africa, Germany, etc. Is there any state in India where the legislature and the executive are in separate cities? In some states, high courts are at separate places due to some historical reasons," he said.
He said that the Assembly, the Secretariat, and the High Court have been planned in Amaravati.
"The YSRCP government killed Amaravati. There are 5000 acres of reserved land. Even if you sell it, you can get more than Rs 1 lakh crore. There is no need of taking any loan. Amaravati is a self-financing project," he said.
"I developed Hyderabad, which within 25 years became a great city. How can the BCG report say that Amaravati needs three decades to develop? Leaders should know how to create wealth and develop all. The government should tell what it is doing for the income of the state," he added.
Hitting out at the YSRCP government's plan to make Visakhapatnam as one of the capitals, Naidu said that the city is very far from the Rayalaseema region.
"Visakhapatnam is distantly located from any major city in Rayalaseema. The capitals of other states are much nearer to Rayalaseema districts. Is it justifiable to change the capital? It is sheer lunacy. Amaravati is equidistant to all parts of the state. In the last six months, the YSRCP leaders have purchased lands in and around Visakhapatnam," said Naidu.
"Decentralisation should be done in development, not in administration. The YSRCP government is provoking regional feelings, and trying to divide the people," he added.
Naidu asked the people to voice their disapproval to the decisions of the YSRCP government.
"People should teach a lesson to the government for its acts of lunacy. I ask the government employees to come out. The government employees had fought for United Andhra Pradesh. But what are they doing now? They are afraid of Jagan and that is why they are not speaking out. This is not the responsibility of mine alone," he said.
"Polavaram and Amaravati are two eyes for AP. Now this government has blinded both the eyes. The government is cheating the public," added former Chief Minister Naidu. (ANI)