Appreciate strong words against Pak, now act on them: Congress dares PM Modi

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi [India], Sept. 25 (ANI): Asserting that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's strong words against Pakistan were not 'new' to the ears as he had taken the same stance after the deadly Pathankot Air Base attack earlier this year, the Congress has dared him to turn his words into action and bring justice to the sacrifice of the 18 soldiers who were killed in the Uri terror strike. Speaking to ANI here, Congress leader Meem Afzal said that the Prime Minister's attacking stance against Pakistan was quite similar to his words after the Pathankot attack, adding that he appreciated his words, which even though repetitive, have come at the right time. "But the Prime Minister needs to turn his attention now to the pain of his own people, who are burning with rage after losing 18 of its soldiers to terrorists. He said that we will extract revenge and never forget this....but one never forgets a sacrifice like this in the first place," he said. Re-iterating that the Centre's mood now is the same after the Pathankot attack, in which talks were held about an inquiry and the Pakistan team was even allowed to come to the site of the attack to investigate, Afzal added that the BJP-led government became helpless when Islamabad denied permission to the team from New Delhi to probe. "Today the Prime Minister is saying those same words, which is why I want to know his action plan. He also said that his government is ready to accept Pakistan's challenge of war, well I want to remind him that it is the UPA government which has fought three wars against Pakistan and won," he said. Calling on Prime Minister to not trivialise the matter by comparing the strategies of different governments in the past, the Congress leader asserted that it was the Army which was the backbone and the strength of the nation in times like these. "By giving out such a message, the Prime Minister is trying to prove that today there is such a government that can turn do just about anything. So I dare him to go ahead and turn his words into action," Afzal said. Launching a scathing attack on Pakistan, Prime Minister Modi had said in Kozhikode, Kerala, yesterday that India would never forget the Uri terror attack and would make all efforts to isolate Islamabad globally. The Prime Minister said he could see a lot of potential to make sure that the 21st century becomes Asia's 21st century, adding that all countries in Asia are working for it, except one. Asserting that terrorism is the enemy of humanity, Prime Minister Modi called upon the international community to join hands to defeat terrorism. Recalling the sacrifices of the 18 soldiers, who were killed in the Uri terror attack, Prime Minister Modi said India is very proud of the armed forces. Intensifying his attack further, Prime Minister Modi said the Pakistani leaders speak out addresses written by terrorists and talk about Kashmir. "Pakistan is aiming for Kashmir. They should first look at the land they already have captured i.e. PoK, Gilgit and Balochistan," he added. Modi said India is exporting engineers all over the world, whereas Islamabad is exporting terrorists. "I want to tell Pakistan that India is ready to fight you. If you have guts, come forward to fight against poverty. Let's see who wins? Who is able to defeat poverty and illiteracy first, Pakistan or India" he added. (ANI)