Assam Forest Dept. to construct highlands for animal protection

| Updated: Aug 06, 2017 00:13 IST

Guwahati (Assam) [India], Aug 5 (ANI): The forest department authority of the Kaziranga National Park has informed that over 105 animals were killed in floods which affected Assam. According to the forest authority, five rhinos died after the massive flood hit the state. State Forest Minister, Pramila Rani Bramh said, "Thirty highlands were under construction for the protection of animals from floods. But the construction could not be completed due to heavy rains and flood which affected the state in heavy amount." She further stated that a project would be prepared by the state forest department to request funds from the Centre for construction of highlands to protect animals. "We would first scrutiny whether construction of highlands would be fruitful for animals and then will lay project to approach the Centre for required funds," Pramila told ANI. She asserted that the animals were very sensitive about the rains and would search for nearby highlands to rescue themselves from the floods. Pramila also assured to complete construction of thirty highlands following the scrutinisation for animal protection. On July 5, nearly four lakh people reeled under the fury of flood at thirteen districts caused by incessant rains in Assam, according to official sources. The flood water submerged the low lying areas of the Kaziranga national park. Meanwhile, several rivers showed a mounting trend. Ferry services between Guwahati and North Guwahati were suspended as the Brahmaputra maintained an increasing trend. (ANI)