Assamese Student Association organises free health check up cum awareness programme in Delhi

| Updated: Sep 30, 2016 18:37 IST

By Chandrakala Choudhury New Delhi [India], Sept 30 (ANI): The outbreak of various diseases like Dengue, chickunguniya and malaria in the national capital has affected large number of people, especially youngsters. However, as a sense of responsibility towards society and in a bid to help youngsters to tackle such diseases, as they are all away from home, the Assamese Student Association in New Delhi has made a humble approach. Inviting well known doctors based in Delhi to guide the youngsters and provide health tips to keep themselves protected from such diseases, a free health camp and awareness programme was organised under the banner of the ASA and supported by Tipkai and Care Luit. More than 80 students, and the old and alike turned up for the free health check up. Youngsters often fail to understand the prevention and precaution of such diseases and often turn up taking up steps without proper consultation with doctors. Speaking to ANI,Pritam Deka, General Secretary, ASA said "In recent times we have seen that many diseases are prevailing in the capital city and it is very hard for students residing in the capital city away from home to tackle such problems without have proper knowledge or awareness about diseases like chikunguniya, dengue and viral. So, we came up with an idea of providing free health check up and inviting doctors who have prescribed knowledge". Three well known doctors from Delhi and one from Assam were invited for the free health check up. Dr Chandan Deka, a surgeon said, "We came across many students who are suffering from chickunguniya, the only thing we have given them is assurance and intake of extra amount of liquid, proper rest and prohibit them from taking medicines without consulting doctor, family friends or seniors". "The motto of organizing such camp is to aware them about the health hazards and the better prevention for the prevailing diseases", .he said. "For prevention certain steps have to be taken, for example, proper food habit, lunch, proper dinner at the proper time. It is a kind of an open environment for freshers. They are often prone to diseases like these. ASA is taking a great initiative and this should not stop. It should be organized for the long term as well, because health is always a matter of concern", said Dr. Pranjal Protim Gogoi, Medical and Health Officer, Government of Assam. "We feel very secured when people take such steps because our parents are back at home and we are alone here and it becomes quite difficult for us to take care of ourselves. So, when people are here to take care of us and organizing such free health checkups we feel really safe and we know that someone is there to look after us", . Said a student. (ANI)