Bangalore-based Kashmiri entrepreneur scripts a success story

| Updated: Jul 20, 2016 20:45 IST

Bangalore, July 20 (ANI): Hailing from Koyal village in Bandipora district of Jammu and Kashmir, Syed Firdous Hussian, came to Bangalore in 1987 for higher studies. After completing engineering, Firdous decided to stay in Bangalore for better career options. It was at this time that Firdous met Gayatri Nikkam and soon their friendship turned into a relationship. Together, they started a wooden floor making business, which gradually established its foot in the market. Hussain said, "In 1999, we started our business in a 50 square feet small room, and during this time, it cost me around 10,000 rupees for total office expenses. Everything was included in this, the rent of the office, one mobile phone, and one scooter. From here, we started our journey. We had done so much of hard work during that course of time because I am a positive thinker and if you think positive, you will get positive results. So, always think positive. Then after that, I got married, and I share a 50 per cent partnership with my wife. My wife has worked in big companies and she is an MBA in sales, and because of her experience only, we moved forward towards success. After 16 years of marriage, Firdous and Gayatri continue to successfully run the Indiana International Corporation Flooring Pvt Ltd, one of the most prestigious companies in the country. The business, which was started in a small room, has now offices in countries across the globe. Hussain said, "We are one of the biggest importers in our products. We import products mostly from Europe and major countries are Germany, France, Poland, Austria and other small countries of Europe. Our products are distributed all over India, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, from Mumbai to North Eastern states and our products go beyond Bangladesh too. In most of the metros, we have our offices; our warehousing is in three places: Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai. Despite living in Bangalore, Firdous has stayed connected to his roots. Every year, he takes out time to visit his family in Bandipora in Kashmir. Firdous says he never feels alienated or discriminated in Bangalore. Hussain said, "I have never felt like an outsider here (in Bangalore) and whenever I go for a meeting people recognize my voice as a Kashmiri, they leave their work and ask about Kashmir's beauty, the places culture, and everything. It all depends upon a person's vision if you think well, then good will happen. If you do your work honestly then you will receive success undoubtedly. And we have run this business with honesty. Our priority is customer's satisfaction, and we do our work with determination. I have never cheated anyone in my entire life and this is what my success story is all about." Hussian is one among the many Kashmiris in the country who have scripted their success stories with utter hard work and determination. (ANI)