RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat
RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat

Bhagwat sees achieving Gandhi's India in 20 years, endorses Modi government

By Pragya Kaushika | Updated: Feb 17, 2020 21:01 IST

New Delhi [India], Feb 17 (ANI): In what could be termed as his first visit to Gandhi Smriti in the national capital, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Monday endorsed Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led central government.
While speaking at the launch of 'Gandhi ko samjhne ka yahi samay', a book by professor Jagmohan Singh Rajput, Bhagwat spoke elaborately on his thoughts of attaining India of Gandhi's imagination.
"Today when I travel, I see that conditions existing in the country are not pessimistic. It can be said that we have not attained the India envisioned by Gandhiji. But we have enough evidence that like a chemistry experiment, the whole colour will change forever (by the experiment)," Bhagwat said.
He claimed that the realisation of Gandhi's India has begun.
"Young generation instills confidence in him that if not today, in the next 20 years, there would come a time when on October 2, we could tell him to come back to India of his dreams (Aaj nahi to 20 saal baad Gandhiji ko October 2 ko keh sakenge kisi bapu aap chale gaye they ab aap is desh mein shanti ke saath ashram chala sakte hain), Bhagwat added.
He also iterated the fact that Gandhi's principles and beliefs should be practised after understanding him and that he was not ashamed of being a Hindu.
"He travelled to understand India and became one with aspirations and sufferings of India and that is why he was never ashamed of being a Hindu. He said I am a staunch 'sanatani' Hindu. He also taught to respect other religions," Bhagwat said.
While explaining the evolving political scenario, the RSS chief advocated the need to search for truth and do the atonement if it goes awry as Gandhi did.
In what could be seen as his comments on violent protests and lathi charge by the government, Bhagwat asked whether there is anyone to do atonement if law and order situation goes out of hand.
"There is lathi charge. There are those who get caught and do their atonement in court. But what about those who plan it? They either win or lose. Things cannot go on like this," Bhagwat said.
Gandhi experimented with truth and if law and order situation got worsened, he atoned for it, Bhagwat said.
He said that truth should also be told when it comes to education. He stated, however, that is not the case and this is the struggle between two parties.
"They should not twist history as per their biases. It will not be a truthful education, " the RSS chief said. (ANI)