Prakash Javadekar addressing a press conference in New Delhi on Thursday.
Prakash Javadekar addressing a press conference in New Delhi on Thursday.

BJP alleges of AAP's negligence for delay in hanging of Nirbhaya convicts, attacks Congress over 1984

ANI | Updated: Jan 16, 2020 17:10 IST

New Delhi [India], Jan 16 (ANI): Launching a scathing attack on Aam Aadmi Party, BJP on Thursday alleged that the negligence of state government was the reason behind the delay of the hanging of the Nirbhaya convicts and also slammed the Congress for allegedly not acting against the culprits of 1984 anti-Sikh riots in the national capital.
Addressing a press conference here, Union Minister and BJP's Delhi election in-charge Prakash Javadekar said: "The hanging of the convicts in 2012 Delhi gang-rape case is now delayed because of Delhi government's negligence. AAP is responsible for the delay in justice. The Supreme Court had denied their appeal back in 2017 and had punished them to be hanged till death. Why did the Delhi government not give notice to the convicts for filing mercy plea in the last 2.5 years? It shows they have sympathy with rapists."
He also alleged that the four convicts got the additional time due to the callousness of the Delhi government.
"Delhi government lawyer Rahul Mehra stood up in the court and said that the hanging cannot happen on January 22. The entire country wants the four accused to be hanged, and they are delaying it. He says there is still time to appeal. Who gave this additional time? The callousness of the Delhi Government," he added.
Mukesh Kumar Singh, one of four convicts in 2012 gang-rape case approached a Delhi court seeking postponement of the date of his execution on the ground that his mercy petition is pending with the President.
His mercy plea was moved to the President after the Supreme Court dismissed his curative petition on Tuesday.
The BJP leader also outlined that the Justice Dhingra Commission submitted its report today and alleged that Congress never took any lead to investigate the 1984 anti-Sikh riots.
"The report said that the correct investigation of these riots never happened. Over 3,000 Sikhs were burnt alive, their houses were looted and brutal things happened... The report says there was deliberate delay by Congress and its governments showed no interest in acting against the culprits of the 1984 genocide," Javadekar said.
"We all can recollect that the worst kind of genocide happened in 1984. It was not a riot. There was no fighting from the other side. It was one-way, mass-killing. 3,000 people were burnt alive in three days in the national capital," he said.
The BJP leader also alleged that the police did not act because the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in a way justified- "When the big tree falls, earth tremors".
"Perpetrators of anti-Sikh genocide were unpunished as authorities and police showed lack of interest in the investigation. Such a massive genocide took place and all Congress did was protect the perpetrators. FIRs were also not registered at the right time," he said.
Javadekar also citied Congress leader Sam Pitroda's comment "What happened, happened" in the context of 1984 riots and termed it "denigrative" remarks.
"Those who have perpetrated the worst crime India has ever seen and even today after 30 years, Congress pleads the same thing where they say, What happened, happened. They allowed the killing of 3,000 people in genocide and then leaders like Sam Pitroda pass such denigrative remarks. This shows that Congress is protecting the culprits," he said. (ANI)