BJP asks is Rahul more wise than Supreme Court?

| Updated: Dec 23, 2016 14:01 IST

New Delhi[India], Dec. 23(ANI): The Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) on Friday asked if Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi is wiser than the Supreme Court of India by alleging that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in cahoots with the Sahara and Birla business groups. "This is having two aspects, one is technical and another is political. Technically speaking, if Rahul Gandhi would have put an allegation just on the political ground, then he could have expected some answer, but when the matter is under the consideration of the Supreme Court, and till now the apex court has considered the evidences as non-factual or fictitious, then is Rahul Gandhi trying to portray that his wisdom is more than the Supreme Court's," BJP spokesperson Sudhanshu Trivedi asked. "The technical position is that at present he is out on a Rs. 50,000 bail bond on a five crores allegation in National Herald case. He is trying to portray that his conclusion is more conclusive than the Supreme Court," he told ANI. Trivedi said that politically speaking, the Congress vice president has chosen words like 'aloo ki factory', 'khoon ki dalali'. "If the entire country doesn't take him seriously, then how can he expect the Prime Minister to do so," he added. Gandhi has been asking Prime Minister Modi to answer the questions of the citizens about his alleged corruption, and take responsibility for "attacking the poor" through demonetisation. (ANI)