BJP gave 'transparent' Govt. to India after a corrupt regime: Amit Shah

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], Aug 14 (ANI): Bharatiya Janata Party President Amit Shah talked about the completion of three years of BJP-led Government here today, calling it one of the most successful reigns. Addressing the media in Bengaluru today, Amit Shah said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi led government has solely worked upon the development of this country. "This government came after one of the most corrupted government (Congress) that was involved in series of scams. About 12 lakh crore rupees of scam happened under the Congress Government," Shah said. He further said that they have given a "transparent government" to the people of India. BJP President also said, "It was our government that passed the One Rank One Pension bill. Soldiers fighting for this country will now get more than 8000 crore in their bank accounts." Shah also talked about Prime Minister Modi's decision of surgical strike that occurred on September 29, eleven days after the Uri attack against suspected militants in PoK. "It was this Prime Minister that took the decision of having a surgical strike and showed the right way of doing things," Shah said. Speaking about different development arenas, Shah mentioned Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) success saying that due to Modi-led government, ISRO has been given a global importance. "Indian has now become the global leader in the field of space technology," Amit Shah said. He also added the fact that it was this government that tried to bring the Other Backward Class (OBC) Bill, which was shunned down by Congress Party in Rajya Sabha. "We tried to bring the OBC Bill which was not passed due to Congress. Will the Chief Minister of Karnataka answer to the people of backward castes why Congress stalled the historic OBC bill?" he asked. Mentioning the tremendous work done by this government Amit Shah hailed Prime Minister Modi and said that there was a time when during Paris Summits India used to sit at the back. Also mentioning BJP's "fight" to curb black money Shah added that Modi government has taken strict actions to curb black money and not let it enter India through any means. Although, bashing Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, Amit Shah said, "The current Karnataka Government is the most corrupt government and they have no shame about it." He also said asked Karnataka CM where the "hugely increased central grant" given to Karnataka by Modi govt. gone, as it doesn't show in development. Further on being asked about the recent tragic Gorakhpur incident where more than 70 deaths of children took place in BRD Medical College, Amit Shah said that Congress is just blaming the government and BJP unlike them does not blame people without evidence. "Yogiji has kept a time bound investigation about the whole incident," he said. (ANI)