Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

BJP, NDA will get more seats, form full majority govt: Modi

By Naveen Kapoor (ANI) | Updated: May 10, 2019 17:54 IST

Rohtak (Haryana) (India), May 10 (ANI) Commenting for the first time on attempts by regional parties to cobble up an anti-BJP coalition post-poll, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday pooh-poohed their attempts saying the BJP and NDA would get more seats than they have at present and form a "strong, full majority" government.
He also said the Congress was "arrogant" and people will drag the party below its current strength of 44 in the Lok Sabha.
In an interview to ANI in the midst of his hectic election campaign in Haryana, Modi also spoke of his government's commitment to protect the country from terrorism from whichever route it comes into India.
"People are saying that BJP will get more seats than it has now. The allies in the NDA will get more seats than now. We will get full majority and give a strong government. We are getting more seats even in places where BJP was not there. We are getting seats from all corners of India. The more they (opposition) abuse me, our victory is confirmed," he said.
Modi was replying to a question about the prospects of a government headed by regional parties in the context of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Chief Ministers N Chandrababu Naidu and K Chandrasekhar Rao initiating moves for a post-poll coalition to form a non-BJP government.
He said the Congress has been indulging in a campaign of lies for which there is no need for proof. The people have understood this and will consign that party to a number below 44, which it won in the 2014 Lok Sabha election, he added.
Sensing defeat, the Opposition has already started hurling abuses at him, the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) and the Election Commission in the proportion of "one-third, one-third and one-third", the Prime Minister said.
"After assessing the first three phases when the ground under their feet started slipping, the Opposition started abusing me. Then they started apportioning the blame one-third to me, one-third to the EVMs and one-third to the Election Commission because they realised that people are not ready to vote them," he said.
Referring to the Opposition's attack on the Commission and apprehensions about EVMS, Modi said it was like when a player gets out, he starts blaming the umpire. Similarly, they are attacking the umpire, he said.
The Prime Minister said the Congress started indulging in a campaign of lies when it could not challenge him on development issues.
Answering a question about the criticism that he was harping on nationalism to divert attention from people's issues, Modi shot back saying he first raised issues like crores of poor getting houses, electricity, the health benefits under Ayushman Bharat schemes, raising the MSP for agricultural produce to one and half times and doubling of laying of railway lines and electrification.
"I thought the Congress would challenge me and say I am lying. They are not people who fight elections on development. They are lying for which there is no need for proof and people have understood this," he said.
Asked about Overseas Indian Congress chief Sam Pitroda's controversial remarks on the anti-Sikh views, Modi stepped up his attack on Congress saying Pitroda's views reflect the mindset of the Congress on the issue from the beginning. Because of this arrogance, people will push it below 44 seats in the Lok Sabha, he said.
He said Pitroda's views should not be considered as the views of an individual but that of the entire party.
"This reflects Congress' mindset. They have done this for years. This has been their image from the beginning. That's why Rajiv Gandhi had said when a big tree falls, the earth shakes," he said.
Modi was reacting to Pitroda's comments yesterday on the Sikh riots in which he had said "happened, so what" and added the BJP should fight elections on what it did in the last five years.
Modi said years had gone and several commissions were set up but not a single guilty person was punished.
"Kamal Nath was made (party) in charge of Punjab. Then after protests in Punjab on the issue, he was removed and made Chief Minister (of Madhya Pradesh)," he said.
"Don't consider this as the view of an individual. This is the thinking of the whole Congress. The Congress is filled with this arrogance. They are not bothered about the damage to the country and their response has been 'so what'. The country was looted. Their response was 'so what'. This arrogance brought them to 44. Now people will bring below this number," Modi said.
To a question whether any action would be taken against Hafiz Sayeed and underworld don Dawood Ibrahim, taking refuge in Pakistan, in the wake of the UN designating Jaish-e-Mohammed chief Masood Azhar as a global terrorist, he said people should not worry about some select individuals and that his government would continue to take actions to protect the security of the country from terrorism and any other threats.
"Don't waste your time by taking names. If there will be any danger to the country, no matter where it might be --on land, in air or even in space. We are committed to protection of the country. We have taken action and will continue to take action against terrorism and threats to national security," he said. (ANI)