Gaurav Gogoi in conversation with ANI on Saturday. Photo/ANI
Gaurav Gogoi in conversation with ANI on Saturday. Photo/ANI

BJP only interested in political gains through NRC alleges Gaurav Gogoi

ANI | Updated: Aug 31, 2019 21:56 IST

New Delhi [India], Aug 31 (ANI): Congress leader from Assam Gaurav Gogoi on Saturday alleged that there has been carelessness in NRC process as BJP was only interested in taking political gains from this.
"Congress started this NRC exercise, with the clear aim of getting an estimate of how many Bangladeshis are living illegally in Assam. In past, various numbers have been thrown about. Unfortunately, we are far from knowing the truth," he said while talking to ANI.
Terming it as the latest example of BJP's carelessness after GST and Demonetisation, the Congress leader said, "Today morning, a discussion took place on NRC at 10 Janpath with Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Manmohan Singh. There have been some carelessness in this, BJP knows this. That is because they (BJP) never gave any importance to NRC. They were only interested in political gains from this."
Talking about the difference in numbers in the draft and final NRC, Gogoi said, "At least BJP government should apologise to those 21 lakh people who have been included in this list but were not there in the earlier list."
Implementing NRC is not wrong but mismanaging it is, he added.
The final list of National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam was published on Saturday excluding over 19 lakh people.
Whereas over three crore people have been found eligible for the inclusion in the final NRC, Prateek Hajela, the State Coordinator of the NRC, said in an official statement. (ANI)