Leader of Opposition in Karnataka Legislative Assembly, Siddaramaiah (Photo/ANI)
Leader of Opposition in Karnataka Legislative Assembly, Siddaramaiah (Photo/ANI)

BJP undemocratically silencing voice of opposition, says Siddaramaiah

ANI | Updated: Sep 24, 2021 23:21 IST

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], September 24 (ANI): Leader of the Opposition in Karnataka Legislative Assembly Siddaramaiah on Friday accused the Bharatiya Janata Party government of undemocratically silencing the voice of the opposition.
He also alleged that BJP led government does not have the courage to face the opposition and is hence running away from extending the assembly session.
"Our party had decided not to enter the assembly well to protest during this session. Our intention was to dedicate the entire time to discuss the issues concerning the common man. Unfortunately, the BJP unit in Karnataka does not want any discussion," said Siddaramaiah in the Assembly session.
Former Chief Minister of Karnataka said that "our MLAs" have asked many questions concerning their constituency. "Here, BJP has not given proper answers and instead they want to end this session at the earliest. We have no option other than protesting," he said.
In the Assembly, Siddaramaiah claimed that he had requested both Karnataka Chief Minister

and speaker to extend the session by another week. "Coward, BJP here does not have the courage to face the opposition and hence running away," he said.
Slamming the BJP, Siddaramaiah said that the government here does not want any discussion to happen in the session. "They just want to pass bills that suits their communal agenda. They are undemocratically silencing the voice of opposition. We will hit the streets to expose them," he said.
On September 20, Siddaramaiah slammed the Centre and alleged that the primary reason for rising inflation across the country is that the Central government is 'indulged' in 'looting' the pockets of the public.
Speaking in the assembly, Siddaramaiah said, "Rising inflation is because the BJP led Central government is busy looting people. The rising prices of essential commodities in the country is because of BJP. The Prime Minister is at fault for this."
Siddaramaiah also alleged that it is because of this loot by the Centre that is impacting the prices of the commodities thereby disturbing the lives of the common people across the country. The State Cabinet is holding the session of the Karnataka State Legislature from September 13 to 24 in Bengaluru. (ANI)