BRICS' Goa deceleration contains strongest language against terrorism: Swarup

| Updated: Oct 21, 2016 02:15 IST

New Delhi [India], Oct. 20 (ANI): Claiming that the Goa deceleration at the eight BRICS Summit used strongest ever language against terrorism compared to the past summits, External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Vikas Swarup on Thursday said terrorism was accorded the centrality at the Goa summit in a substantive manner as the word "terrorism" or "terror" features almost 37 times in the declaration. Swarup said this time the BRICS countries found a common ground on the issue of terrorism. "Now, when we negotiate in a forum like BRICS, the attempt is to find common ground and to express it in a form of a declaration. I think, you will all agree that we did find common ground on the issue of terrorism. The Goa deceleration contains the strongest ever language against terrorism amongst all past BRICS summits. The word terrorism or terror features some 37 times in the deceleration. Terrorism was accorded the centrality at the Goa summit in a substantive manner than even the Antalya G-20 Summit, which was held in the shadow of the Paris terror attack," Swarup said, while addressing the media during the weekly briefing. "We hope a reformed United Nations Security Council can become yet another example so that it does not remain mild in the geo-politics of 1945 and reflects and represents the realities of 21st century," he said. "The BRICS declaration emphasis on terror; first, there was unprecedented condemnation of terrorism; second, BRICS leaders condemn strongly the recent attacks in India; third, they called for the first time upon all states to prevent terrorist actions from their territories," he added. Addressing the media, Swarup further said, "They agreed that religion is no justification for terrorism. For the first time BRICS leaders called for effective implementation of UN Security Council resolution on counter terrorism. They also called for increasing effectiveness of the UN counterterror framework. They called upon all states to counter terrorism, radicalisation, recruitment, terrorist movements, dismantling of terrorist bases, money laundering and drug trafficking." "They called for expedited adoption of the comprehensive convention upon international terrorism the CCIT as you know India is campaigning since 1996. They also recognize the growing nexus between weapons of mass destruction and terrorism. So I do not know on what bases it is being said that this was the weak declaration, it was the strongest declaration ever." Swarup said. (ANI)