BSF helps distraught farmers to grow crops amid tension on border

| Updated: Oct 04, 2016 13:51 IST

Ataari (Punjab) [India], Oct. 4 (ANI): Even as the situation in the border areas remain highly tensed, the Border Security Forces yesterday allowed the farmers in the border areas to cross the fencing to harvest their crop. "We are very happy that the BSF have opened the gates. It is a happy day. Our piece of land beyond the fences was drying up. The motor pump was shut, drying up the standing paddy crops," said Shamsher Singh, a farmer. He said that the land inside the fences yields a good price, adding that since it's a problem for the BSF too to maintain a strict vigil on duty, the government can buy it if it offers a good price. "Security is very good, BSF is here. It is really supportive," he said. Another farmer Gurmail Singh said, "Our crops are ready for the harvest. We have invested in these crops. If we will not water them, we will lose everything and we will have nothing in hand for us and for children." He said that the BSF is helping them out and they are grateful for that. "It is because of them, we will be able to provide for ourselves. If we will harvest our crops, then only we will get money. Where will we get money from," he said. "BSF takes care of us. We are here only because of them. Our standing paddy crop which is ready to be harvested would have destroyed if the war would have broken out. Thanks to the government they save our crops and that we are here today going in our crops," said another farm Sukdev singh. The tensions along the border escalated after the terror attack on the Uri base camp in Jammu and Kashmir. In the most recent incidents, terrorists attacked an army camp in Baramulla on Sunday evening. However, the bid was effectively foiled by the Indian armed forces. A day after there was fire exchange between Indian and the Pakistani forces along the LoC. (ANI)