Capable of being more than 'security guards': Ex-Servicemen Federation

| Updated: May 21, 2017 14:37 IST

Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu), May 21 (ANI): With an objective to serve the nation even after their retirement from the defence, the federation of ex - serviceman association in Tamil Nadu has come up with a campaign to highlight their skills and talents. Ex- Air Force officer and chairman of federation of Indian ex-serviceman association Shivrajan told ANI, "The awareness campaign includes cleaning water bodies across the state and spreading the message of patriotism among the younger generation which is reducing among the minds of young people, and create discipline in Tamil Nadu police department." The federation chairman also expressed concern that over 2 lakh retired ex-serviceman who possessed enough knowledge and skill are now forced to work as security guards even at the age of 45. Asserting that their skill, talents and training provide during their service days remain unutilised, Shivarajan urged the state government to make use of such jawans and officer to work in police departments or other disciplinary services. (ANI)