Captain Amarinder assures to end drug menace in Punjab

| Updated: Jan 29, 2017 16:42 IST

Bhatinda (Punjab) [India], Jan. 29 (ANI): Highlighting the menace of drugs in poll-bound Punjab, Congress chief ministerial candidate Captain Amarinder Singh has said that this government would form a team of good police officers to fight this threat. Stating that the government must have the will to do so, Captain Amarinder assured that this process would be initiated in less than four weeks if the Congress forms the next government in Punjab. "Everybody knows who does it. Where it is kept, who makes it, who sells, who trades, who does everything we know. It's the question of the government having the will to do it," he told ANI in an exclusive interview. "Building a right team from our own police...we have good police officers. The police have by and large a bad reputation. But within that, we have very good officers too and we will make a team that will break this nexus. I am not going to do it in four weeks. I am going to do it in lesser time," he added. The Congress leader also attempted to woo the farming community while asserting that there should be a grand plan for agricultural growth in Punjab. "We must understand that over the last 70 years, two generations have grown. The holdings are going lower and lower. We have to have a grand plan for agriculture. That is why I am asking for a two-third majority. I am not asking for a simple majority to form the government. I want two-third majority to amend the laws, amend the state constitution so that we can bring in new laws to get the state moving again," he added. All 117 constituencies in Punjab will vote on February 4 and the results will be announced on March 11. (ANI)