Centre rolling out red carpet for black money hoarders: Congress

| Updated: Dec 21, 2016 14:02 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Dec. 21 (ANI): Accusing Prime Minister Narendra Modi of shifting gears frequently from threatening to impose a 200 percent fine to giving 50 percent white money in lieu of black money declaration, the Congress party on Wednesday alleged that the Centre is now "rolling out red carpet for black money hoarders". "Since demonetisation has been declared by the Prime Minister, they have changed the decision almost 59 times in 35-40 days, which shows that the government was not prepared to take this kind of demonetisation decision and that is the reason why everyday they are changing their decisions. It shows that everything has failed," Maharashtra Congress spokesperson Raju Waghmare told ANI. Asserting that the government has changed its stance from black money to cashless economy, the Maharashtra Congress spokesperson said, "There is no black money as they are not talking about black money. Now, they have changed their language from black money to cashless." On Tuesday, counter attacking Prime Minister Modi for accusing opposition parties of stalling parliamentary proceedings during the winter session, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi said those are and were hollow words. "There should be gravity in Prime Minister's words. The Prime Minister had said and promised to the nation that you can deposit their money in banks till December 30. But the government changed the rules again yesterday; they have changed rules 125 times; and gave a message to the nation that our Prime Minister's words are hollow," Gandhi told ANI. The Prime Minister had said you can change your money till December 30, but the government yesterday said you could not do it till December 30. So, there is no gravity in Prime Minister's words; those words are hollow. And, we will show it to you in coming days that how his words are hollow," said the Congress vice President. (ANI)