Chhattisgarh teacher gets body massage from students, video goes viral

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Jashpur (Chhattisgarh) [India], Aug. 30 (ANI): In a shocking incident, the video of a teacher getting his head, back and feet massaged by three students when they went to get their class work checked has gone viral on social media. The incident, which took place in Tumla Higher Secondary school of Chhattisgarh's Jashpur district, has landed the teacher in soup. While the video is about 20-day-old, the matter came to light yesterday. The teacher named Anup Minj said that he had asked one of his colleagues Mathur Sir to give him massage as he was not feeling well, adding the latter then assigned the task to three students of class ten. "I was very ill that day. I didn't call any children. I requested one of our staff Mathur Sir to give me massage. He gave me massage. He called two-three students and asked them to give me massage. They were students of class 10. This took place 20 days ago," he added. Mathur said Minj was having cough, cold and body ache and had asked for body massage. "He asked me to get over his body.but I was heavy for him. We found two kids loitering around. I asked them to give massage with their feet. Since it is wrong to use feet for a student, they gave massage with their hands," Mathur said. Expressing shock as to how the video went viral, he said that he had captured it in his phone for fun. "It's not the student's's my fault. There are many good things here which do not become viral, but these small things get viral," he added. Taking cognizance of the matter, Block Education Officer L.P. Dahire assured action if the matter is proved to be correct. "If this is found to be true, then action will be taken. This is the incident of Tumla Higher Secondary school," Dahire said. One of the students said Minj was extremely ill, adding they gave him massage out of respect. "The teacher was extremely ill. Mathur Sir asked us to give massage to Minj Sir. We had come here to get our copies checked, but when Mathur Sir asked us to give massage to Minj Sir, we also gave massage since he is our teacher," said the student. (ANI)