Chhattisgarh: Two Naxal commanders of PLGA military coy 6 killed in encounter

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Narayanpur [India], Sept. 26 (ANI): Two Naxal Commanders were neutralised in an encounter with security forces in the jungles of Banspal-Toinar in Chhattisgarh. Tirupati and Lokesh of PLGA military company 6 were killed in an encounter with DRG of Narayanpur district. The security forces received an input that a platoon would be coming in the night towards Jhara to attack CAF jawans in similar fashion as last month in Kukdajhor, where two jawans were injured seriously by small action teams. Kicking into action, the Narayanpur police launched a surgical operation and laid ambush in the route of the naxal party near the jungles of Banspal and Toinar. Around 5 a.m. the naxal party of about 20 reached the spot where ambush was laid and opened indiscriminate fire over the police party. As a retaliatory measure and for self defence police also fired over the naxal party and the encounter lasted for one hour after which naxals fled away with some of their injured and killed using jungles as cover. On searching the area, the police recovered two male Maoist bodies which were identified as Tirupati (Akash) r/o Madded in Bijapur and Lokesh (Ramesh) r/o Tirkanar, PS Dhaurai, both commanders in military company 6. Weapons and other naxal items were also recovered during search of the area, additional parties were sent to the area where they are searching for rest of the naxal party which fled from the encounter. (ANI)