Civic authorities rescue crocodile in Bhopal

| Updated: Aug 22, 2016 22:14 IST

Bhopal, Aug 22 (ANI): Civic authorities in Bhopal yesterday rescued a 12-feet long crocodile from a farmhouse located in Ismail Nagar area of the city. Reportedly, the crocodile was washed away by floods to the residential area in Bhopal. Authorities rushed to the spot as soon as they were informed by the locals. A snake expert was called who captured the reptile in almost five hours. "The family was scared. They were frightened and children were standing on the terrace. Women were screaming with fear. It was a different atmosphere in the farmhouse. When I reached there, the crocodile was sitting in a mud-pool amidst stones. It was quite aggressive. Two men helped me in capturing it or else it would have been difficult to do the job alone. It took me around four-five hours to capture it," said Ali. The reptile was later taken to be released in the forest. (ANI)