Cong seeks ban on Pakistani artistes

| Updated: Oct 03, 2016 05:21 IST

New Delhi [India], Oct. 2 (ANI): The Congress party on Sunday downplayed Pakistan banning Indian TV channels, and advised to the Indian media not to allow TV personalities from Islamabad to come and spew venom against our nation. Congress leader Tom Vadakkan said Indian TV channels should restrain from paying heavy cheques and inviting Pakistani artistes, who generally speak against India. "Pakistan is known for its propaganda, but I think they cannot and will not suffer the Indian channels because they feel that the Indian channels are not doing justice to stories coming from their side. But, I would also like to request our channels that while they pay fat cheques to their guests, who come and bark against India and abuse our people and abuse the army, the officials of India, the Government of India and they are paid cheques by channels to speak what they do and I think that also must be restrained. I think it should be banned," Vaddakan added. He also said, "The first step is that, these people should not be permitted on television to spit venom against the people of India, and I think there is no purpose in having them on different channels doing the job every time on the prime time. I think channels need to apply their mind on this, because it also has an effect on the Indian masses and other issues. I don't think you do any service actually. I think that's what needs to be controlled." Reports said the crackdown will be held against all cable operators in Pakistan in case the orders are not followed. (ANI)