Punjab Congress president Sunil Jakhar [Photo/ANI]
Punjab Congress president Sunil Jakhar [Photo/ANI]

Cong tears into Sunny Deol for appointing 'representative'; says MP should resign

ANI | Updated: Jul 02, 2019 14:21 IST

New Delhi [India], July 2 (ANI): Congress on Tuesday hit out at Bollywood actor and MP Sunny Deol for appointing a 'representative' to take care of Gurdaspur, his Punjab constituency saying the actor should resign if he is unable to address the issues of the people who voted for him.
"There is a provision in the Lok Sabha that a MP can appoint his or her representative who can take care of the work in the MP'absence. But that does not mean that after the election, the MP vanishes from this constituency and the representative does all the work he is only supposed to help," Congress leader Punia told ANI.
Deol, who defeated Congress candidate Sunil Jakhar with a margin of 82,459 votes in the Lok Sabha elections had issued a letter stating that Gurpreet Singh Palheri will be his representative who will attend meetings and follow important matters pertaining to his constituency.
Speaking to ANI, Jakhar said people only voted for him so that they could get a selfie with him. "Like they say in marketing, a customer is always right, similarly in democracy, the voter is always right. It's their choice. One has to accept it. And even his voters knew they had it coming. Actually, they never expected anything else of him other than a selfie with him -perhaps."
Congress leader KTS Tulsi also came down heavily on Deol and said that the actor-politician should resign if he cannot address their grievances.
"An MP represents people directly in House. He's answerable to the people and if he thinks somebody else is more suitable to understand their grievances, then he might as well resign and ask him to contest instead," Tulsi said. (ANI)