Congress asks Naseeruddin to not 'dramatise' article

| Updated: Jun 05, 2017 11:31 IST

New Delhi [India], June 5 (ANI): The Congress party on Monday urged Bollywood actor Naseeruddin Shah to not dramatise the problems of Muslims that have been highlighted in his article and said that all the social evils plaguing the society must be fought unitedly. The Congress' reaction came after Shah, in his article, said that Muslims' patriotism was being suspected upon and they were being forced to explain themselves over the same. "There are problems in difficult times, but let us not tend to dramatise it. Things have not reached that level yet. There is suspicion, there is doubt, but let us ask the government what they think about it. Because drama, cinema, theatre are issues that can further ignite fire which may create further problems," Congress leader Tom Vadakkan told ANI. "My request to all actors, thinkers is that not add oil to fire. Let us fight it together. The country is one. We have great respect for Muslim brothers and sisters, let's go together hand in hand and fight for the interests of this country," he added. Shah had remarked that the present situation was such that Muslims, as a whole, are suspected of being 'unpatriotic', because of the sins committed by a 'few'. He said that there are many Muslims who consider Pakistan as their safe 'haven'. However, he added that those people are less in comparison with the Muslims who take intense pride at being Indian. Shah said the Muslims, who connect deeply with the country, are 'hurt and anguished' for their patriotism coming under scrutiny. (ANI)