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Congress demands restoration of statehood in J-K, says govt has failed to deal with multiple challenges facing country

ANI | Updated: Oct 16, 2021 23:39 IST

New Delhi [India], October 16 (ANI): Alleging that the BJP-led government has failed to deal with multiple challenges facing the country, the Congress on Saturday said that "aggressive posture of China and the unabated infiltrations by Pakistan" have resulted in a dramatic deterioration of the security of Jammu and Kashmir and demanded the restoration of full statehood and holding democratic elections in the union territory.
In a resolution adopted on the political situation in the country at the meeting of Congress Working Committee, the Congress expressed concern over notifications issued by the Central Government empowering the officers of Central Security Forces to search any place and arrest, as also search any person in the purported exercise of powers to prevent a cognizable offence under any Central Act.
"This is a dangerous encroachment on the exclusive power of the states and the powers of the state police. The Congress Party will consult all stakeholders and other political parties as well as state governments and formulate a course of action to compel the Modi Government to repeal these notifications," the party said.
The resolution said that CWC is deeply distressed to note the multiple challenges that face the country "and the all-round failure of the Modi government in dealing with these challenges".
"In fact, the catastrophic policies of the Modi government have exacerbated the situation and have placed enormous burdens on the people of the country. The CWC is alarmed by the rapid deterioration in the security of the country - both external and internal," it said.
The resolution said that nearly 18 months after the clashes in Ladakh in which 20 soldiers lost their lives, Chinese troops continue to be in occupation of Indian territory.
"Despite multiple rounds of talks, China has not vacated Indian territory; nor have we been able to recover our old positions. The aggressive posture of China and the unabated infiltrations by Pakistan have resulted in a dramatic deterioration of the security of Jammu and Kashmir," it said.
The resolution said that after the change in regime in Afghanistan and the takeover by the Taliban, the situation is even graver and alleged that the Government remains oblivious or in deep slumber.
The party accused Jammu and Kashmir administration of being "incompetent and paralyzed".
"Terrorist attacks have increased and both security forces and innocent citizens have lost their lives.. The way forward is the restoration of full statehood and holding democratic elections," it said.
The resolution said that in some other parts of the country, notably in Assam, Nagaland and Mizoram, there are growing threats to security.

"Inter-state disputes have flared up suddenly driving fear in the minds of the people living in the border villages. The Naga peace talks have suffered a serious setback due to the ham-handed approach of the Modi government," it alleged.
The party said drug trafficking has assumed monstrous proportions and the seizure of 3,000 kgs of heroin at a port in Gujarat, following reports of another large consignment that was successfully imported into India, gives an indication of the huge dimensions of the illegal trade.
The party said that there is a "continued slide in the economy" and it is a matter of great concern.
"After the sharp decline in 2020-21, the Modi government boasted of a V-shaped recovery. All signs point to an uneven and struggling recovery in different sectors. The jobs that were lost during the recession and the pandemic have not been recovered; the micro and small units that were shut down have not been re-started. Millions of families face the twin hardships of unemployment and high prices," the party said.
Referring to agitation by farmers against the three farm laws, the party accused the government of arrogance. It said the government "has refused to engage the farmers in talks and has stood as a mere bystander, while the police and rogue elements in the BJP have unleashed violence upon them".
"The tragic incident at Lakhimpur Kheri is a clear example of official support to the attempt to suppress the voice of the farmers. The refusal of the Prime Minister to condemn the brutal murder of the farmers and to sack the Minister of State for Home Affairs have shocked the conscience of the country," the party said.
Alleging that the country's financial situation was in terrible shape, the Congress said the ruling alliance has "no compunction in running the government on revenues raised through crushing taxes imposed on petrol and diesel".
"In order to hide the precarious state of its finances, the Modi government has launched a fire sale of the assets built in this country over 70 years," the party alleged.
Alleging an attack on democratic institutions, the party said "India is no longer regarded as a democracy, it has earned the label of an electoral autocracy".
"Parliament has been contemptuously disregarded. The judiciary has been debilitated by not filling vacancies in the courts and tribunals. Independent watchdog bodies like the Information Commission, Election Commission and the Human Rights Commission have been debased and rendered virtual ciphers. The media has been threatened into meek submission through raids and false cases," the Congress alleged.
"NGOs have been intimidated and their welfare activities have been halted. The government's agencies have been widely misused to suppress the voice of the people. The government has surreptitiously used malicious spyware to intrude into the lives of the people. Every aspect of democracy has been diminished," the party said.
The resolution said that Congress will resist "every sinister attempt to convert the country into a surveillance and police state". (ANI)