Union Minister Jitendra Singh speaking to ANI in New Delhi on Thursday.
Union Minister Jitendra Singh speaking to ANI in New Delhi on Thursday.

Congress fishing in troubled waters of Brahmaputra; won't revive, says Jitendra Singh

By Pragya Kaushika | Updated: Dec 12, 2019 13:06 IST

New Delhi [India], Dec 12 (ANI): Union Minister for Department of North-East Region Jitendra Singh on Thursday attacked the Congress and held it responsible for fanning the violence and unrest unleashed in the region post the passing of the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) by Parliament.
The minister alleged that Congress and other motivated elements were behind the ongoing violence in the North East.
"Motivated protests are happening and there are some people trying to provoke and mislead the masses, particularly from the Congress party. Congress has lost its foundation in Assam. Mischievous statement of Rahul Gandhi on CAB is like fishing in troubled waters of Brahmaputra. They are trying to seek the crutches of disgruntled elements to revive their fortunes, " Singh said.
The minister also said that by inciting violence and rumour mongering, Congress was attempting to regain its lost ground in the region. "They are not going to revive their fortunes, neither augurs well with the national stature of Congress party to seek clutches of the disgruntled elements, " he added.

"There may be a lack of understanding about the bill. Our workers will be in touch with the masses and will educate them regarding the bill. Whosoever is protesting are our own people. They will be taken care of, " Singh further said.
BJP general secretary and senior leader Ram Madhav categorically said that the bill will not harm the people of Assam.
"Unrest in Assam is unfortunate. The Home Minister has said this bill will not harm the people of Assam. We are implementing Clause 6 of the Assam Accord as it will give full protection to the people of Assam, to their language and culture. We expect that calm will prevail, "Madhav said while appealing to people not to fall prey to misinformation.
"This bill isn't against them, " he added.
While responding to Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi's calling the day a "dark one" on which CAB was passed, Madhav said, " Congress is responsible for the unrest as they spread canards about the bill. We have given rights to the persecuted minorities in India. We are continuing the tradition of Nehru and Indira. Justice cannot be rendered in so many decades by the former governments but we did it. "
Meanwhile, the BJP has fielded its elected representatives to allay the fear of local population and stem violent protests in the North-East.
While several Members of Parliament (MPs) from the North-East have been rushed to their respective areas, those in the national capital are reaching out to their constituencies.
Rameshwar Teli, union minister and Dibrugarh MP said that CAB is a bill that has taken everyone's interest into consideration.
"Portion of my house was burnt. But these are our people. Last night, a few people came to my residence. My scooty was burnt and stones were pelted. But these are the people who showered flowers on me. These are our people. I want to appeal that peace should be restored. I will not do anything that can harm Assamese or their interests, " Teli said while making an appeal for peace in the region and his state in particular.
BJP Rajya Sabha MP Kamakhya Prasad Tasa demanded a high-level inquiry into the protests.
"Who is spreading this violence? This is going in the direction of communal riots. This should be prevented. There are people who are saying that Assam will be finished? Who is saying this? There should be a high-level inquiry into this. Like Kashmir, there are voices that are dividing Assam. The Prime Minister has done a lot of work in bringing the North-East into the mainstream, " he said. (ANI)