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Chief spokesperson of state Congress Committee Naresh Chauhan (File Photo/ANI)
Chief spokesperson of state Congress Committee Naresh Chauhan (File Photo/ANI)

Congress hopeful to win with full majority in Himachal Pradesh

ANI | Updated: Dec 06, 2022 06:10 IST

Shimla (Himachal Pradesh) [India], December 6 (ANI): Even after the exit-poll projections for Himachal Pradesh that have predicted a return of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the state, Congress is still hopeful that the party would form the government with a full majority in the hill state.
"People have voted for the change in state and Congress will form the government. We shall have to see the sample and sample size. Exit polls are sometimes correct but during the last few elections, it has been questioned. We have our internal survey too, we will get over 40 seats," said Naresh Chauhan vice-president of the Congress state unit.
According to the exit polls predicted on Monday, BJP has an edge over Congress in a tough fight in Himachal Pradesh.
While most exit polls predicted that BJP will likely retain Himachal Pradesh, one exit poll predicted Congress to lead in the sweepstakes to form government in the hill state, which has seen the power rotating between the BJP and Congress for several decades.
Exuding his confidence in winning the elections with a full majority, Chauhan said, "As far as Himachal Pradesh is concerned, the geographical situation in HP is different where one district is different from others. Our internal surveys also show that people have voted on the issues and I can say that the results would be better than what we see in exit polls today," said Chauhan.
He further added that the by-polls a year ago had shown that Congress will form the government.
"Virbhadra Singh was a big name in the state and his contribution is remembered everywhere in the state.
"There is the same wave as it was during the bypoll in favour of Congress, we are definitely forming the government," Naresh Chauhan added.
The exit poll results came out after the conclusion of the second phase of polling in Gujarat on Monday. The first phase of polling in Gujarat was held on December 1 and results for the two states will be declared on December 8.

In Himachal Pradesh, which went to the polls on November 12, the Republic-PMARQ exit poll gave 34-49 seats to BJP with a vote share of 44.8 per cent.
It predicted that Congress will get 28-33 seats with a vote share of 42.9 per cent. AAP is predicted to get 0-1 seat in the state with 2.8 per cent vote share, the exit poll said.
Himachal Pradesh has 68 member assembly.
India Today-Axis poll predicted that Congress is ahead and would 30-40 seats in the hill state, BJP 24-34 and AAP four to eight seats.
The poll predicted 44 per cent vote share for Congress, 42 pc for BJP, two per cent for AAP and 12 per cent for others.
India TV-Matrize poll gave 35-40 seats to BJP and 26-31 to Congress. The poll predicted that AAP will not be able to open its account while others will get 0-3 seats.
The NewsX-Jan ki Baat poll predicted 32-40 polls for BJP, 27-34 for Congress, none for AAP and 1-2 for others.
The Times Now-ETG poll predicted 34-42 seats for BJP, 24-32 for Congress, none for AAP and others getting 1-3 seats.
The Zee News-BARC poll predicted 35-40 seats for BJP, 20-25 for Congress, 0-3 for AAP and 1-5 for others in the hill state. (ANI)