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Congress is daydreaming, Himachal results will be in favour of lotus: BJP

ANI | Updated: Dec 06, 2022 20:34 IST

Shimla (Himachal Pradesh) [India], December 6 (ANI): Amid the buzz over exit polls of Himachal Pradesh assembly elections, the rhetoric has started between the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Congress, with both the parties claiming they will form the government after the announcement of results.
Himachal Pradesh BJP said that Congress is daydreaming.

Speaking to ANI, BJP state vice president Rajeev Bhardwaj said, "The workers have worked unitedly and we are going to change the tradition in the state and this situation has become clear in the survey conducted by reputed media organizations. Congress is daydreaming and the situation will be clear after two days."
On Congress questioning the exit polls, the BJP leader hit back and said that all the national television channels' surveys favour the BJP. The incumbent BJP said it is already confident about the "mission repeat."
"The Congress is raising questions on the exit polls, while it has been issued on the basis of the survey conducted by the experts of reputed media institutions on the ground. Congress can do nothing except make comments on the exit polls. They know that the BJP is going to regain power in the state and the situation will become clear on December 8 and it is certain that the BJP government will be formed again in the state," added Bhardwaj.
Former Congress state Chief Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu on Tuesday exuded confidence in the Congress party that it will win the assembly elections in the Hindu majority state and said that BJP ideologies are not working.
"Congress party is going to form government in a place which is a Hindu majority state, people have rejected BJP's ideology," Sukhu told ANI.
"Due to the special strategy of Priyanka Gandhi, the BJP lost the election, the Gandhi family does not have a house anywhere in the country, but there is only one place i.e Himachal Pradesh, where Priyanka Gandhi owns a house," he added.
He claimed that based on field reports, the Congress government is going to be formed in Himachal Pradesh with a full majority.
He further estimated that Congress will win 47 seats, while BJP wil only is able to secure 20 seats. He added that four seats will be obtained by the independent candidates.
While talking about Monday's exit polls which declared the BJP as the winner of the assembly elections, he said that "There is no such thing, the figures are going to be very good for us, what BJP can do, Congress can also do that."
"BJP will not have enough MLAs after winning the elections that they would need to do horse-trading," he added.
"All BJP ministers are losing elections, only the Chief Minister is winning his seat," he further claimed.
On Congress revealing the face of the chief minister, he said that voters are not garnered on the basis of the face but on the ideology.

"We fought elections under collective leadership. Congress party declared its face last time, then we could not win. Congress party gave priority to ideology, gave pride to the party's symbol," he added.
He further stated, " Any candidate having a palm symbol will be the biggest face".
According to the exit polls predicted on Monday, BJP has an edge over Congress in a tough fight in Himachal Pradesh.
While most exit polls predicted that BJP will likely retain Himachal Pradesh, one exit poll predicted Congress to lead in the sweepstakes to form government in the hill state, which has seen the power rotating between the BJP and Congress for several decades.
The exit poll results came out after the conclusion of the second phase of polling in Gujarat on Monday. The first phase of polling in Gujarat was held on December 1 and results for the two states will be declared on December 8.
In Himachal Pradesh, which went to the polls on November 12, the Republic-PMARQ exit poll gave 34-49 seats to BJP with a vote share of 44.8 per cent.
It predicted that Congress will get 28-33 seats with a vote share of 42.9 per cent. AAP is predicted to get 0-1 seat in the state with 2.8 per cent vote share, the exit poll said.
Himachal Pradesh has 68 member assembly.
India Today-Axis poll predicted that Congress is ahead and would 30-40 seats in the hill state, BJP 24-34 and AAP four to eight seats.
The poll predicted 44 per cent vote share for Congress, 42 pc for BJP, two per cent for AAP and 12 per cent for others.
India TV-Matrize poll gave 35-40 seats to BJP and 26-31 to Congress. The poll predicted that AAP will not be able to open its account while others will get 0-3 seats.
The NewsX-Jan ki Baat poll predicted 32-40 polls for BJP, 27-34 for Congress, none for AAP and 1-2 for others.
The Times Now-ETG poll predicted 34-42 seats for BJP, 24-32 for Congress, none for AAP and others getting 1-3 seats.
The Zee News-BARC poll predicted 35-40 seats for BJP, 20-25 for Congress, 0-3 for AAP and 1-5 for others in the hill state.
Polling for 68 assembly seats in Himachal Pradesh was held on November 12, with the state recording a 75.6 per cent turnout, breaking the 2017 record.
The results are scheduled to be declared on December 8. (ANI)