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Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan (Photo/ANI)
Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan (Photo/ANI)

Congress on hold under leadership of Rahul Gandhi and Kamal Nath: MP CM Chouhan

ANI | Updated: Feb 08, 2023 23:31 IST

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) [India], February 8 (ANI): "Making false promises" and "misleading the public" have been the work of Congress and Kamal Nath, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said here on Wednesday.
He also alleged that "The entire Congress is on hold under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi and Kamal Nath."
"Kamal Nath and the Congress had promised to build special agricultural areas of 200-500 hectares and provide facilities of agricultural equipment, irrigation power, seed treatment, soil testing, and storage in one place keeping them free from the market tax. Why was the promise not fulfilled? Making false promises and forgetting them, telling lies and misleading the public have been the work of Congress and Kamal Nath," Chouhan said.

Congress makes announcements and "puts them on hold. The public is also going to keep the Congress on hold in the upcoming assembly elections in the state," the BJP leader said.
He said that Rahul Gandhi should tell whether he saw the unity, integrity, prosperity and social harmony of the country during his Yatra?
"I am repeating that Congress is an expert in lying. They had asked for votes on a false promissory note last time and did not fulfill any of the promises during the Congress-led government which was in power for 15 months. Today, I am reminding the people about one of the promises of the promissory note"
On the other hand, PCC Chief Nath wrote on Twitter, "Shivraj ji, laughing and puffing cheeks cannot be done together. Similarly, sitting in power and in opposition also cannot happen simultaneously. You became the Chief Minister by using money power, but could not understand the dignity of the post."
"You (Chouhan) are not answering any question. I asked 11 questions on behalf of the people of Madhya Pradesh. Answer it if you dare. You had promised to ensure the income to one unemployed person from every family in the state under the 'Har Hath, Ek Kaj Yojana'. Why didn't you fulfill this promise and why are there over 30 lakh registered unemployed in Madhya Pradesh today?" Nath further said. (ANI)