Congress questions PM Modi's foreign policy

| Updated: Aug 03, 2017 21:23 IST

New Delhi [India], Aug 3 (ANI): Congress leader Anand Sharma on Thursday questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi's foreign policy and asked the Centre its roadmap on dealing with Pakistan. Flagging its concern over the deteriorating ties between both the nations, Congress leader Sharma asked Prime Minister Modi as to why did he make that "dramatic" visit to Pakistan and till date he haven't told what happened in the meeting. "You were going to Afghanistan and got down at Lahore mid-way; till date the Prime Minister hasn't told nation what talks took place. On one hand, you get miffed and cancel talks after Pakistan invites separatists on a tea party, and on the other hand, you make a dramatic visit breaching all protocols," he said. In December 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had 'unexpectedly' landed in Lahore to meet his counterpart Nawaz Sharif on his way back home after a day-long trip today to Afghanistan where he went after concluding a two-day visit to Russia. Continuing its tirade against the Government on India-China standoff, Sharma said these are matters of national interest and it should be discussed. "Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not uttered a word about the discussion he had with China President Xi Jinping. Why is Prime Minister Narendra Modi silent? NSA did not share what was discussed in meeting, why? What is China's intent? I am not questioning my government. Why did China deny any discussion with my government? We have concerns that China's role in Pakistan is increasing. There are sovereignty concerns," he added. He further asked External Affair Minister Sushma Swaraj to give an idea as to when the stand-off can be resolved. "We would like to know from our foreign minister what is India's assessment and response to latest Chinese statement," Sharma said. Sharma further questions the "boastful" attitude of Prime Minister Modi after army's surgical strikes across PoK. "Indira Gandhi didn't do that even after we won war for Bangladesh... You don't even remember Indira Gandhi's sacrifices, and Bangladesh. But, I'm afraid no government, no leader, not even dictators can change history. History will triumph... Irrespective of which government sits, those who did something for the country cannot be insulted, they must be respected," he added. (ANI)