Congress taunts PM, says "war against poverty not a race"

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi [India], Sept. 25 (ANI): The Congress Party on Sunday did not appear to be in tune with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 'let's fight battle against poverty' assertion and said that it was not in good taste as one does not have to battle its own problems with regard to other nation. Taking a jibe at Prime Minister Modi, Congress leader Sandeep Dikshit told ANI that his speech made no sense. "To say that we won't forget the martyrs is fair enough, but it is important what the government is doing. Are we doing something to strengthen our defense establishments, which are being constantly breached? Are we helping the Army, military and others to become more secure and get whatever they require to be safer? Are we putting adequate pressure on the people, who are supporting Pakistan to drop their terror tactics?" Dikshit said. "As far as challenging another country to win the war against unemployment and see who wins. I mean the war against poverty and unemployment is not a race, it is a commitment to our people. I think to say that it's a race against misery, against deprivation with some other country that doesn't make any sense," he added. The Congress leader further said the Indians are committed to removing poverty, deprivation, discrimination, misery of any kind and destitution Dikshit said, "These are our issues and we have been tackling them well, we shall tackle them in future. And I think that's not a battle, it's a commitment that we give to ourselves and we work against it every day." Launching a blistering attack on Pakistan, Prime Minister Modi yesterday sent across a strong message against the "export of terrorism" from that country, vowing "India will never forget the Uri attack." "A day will come when the people of Pakistan will go against their own government to fight terrorism. India has been successful in isolating you (Pakistan) globally, and we will intensify our efforts to make sure that you are isolated globally. The people of Pakistan should ask their leaders that India and Pakistan got freedom in the same year, but India exports software and your (Pakistan) leaders are exporting terrorists," said Prime Minister Modi while addressing a public rally in Kozhikode The Prime Minister said he can see a lot of potential to make sure that the 21st century becomes Asia's 21st century, adding that all countries in Asia are working for it, except one. Asserting that terrorism is the enemy of humanity, Prime Minister Modi called upon the international community to join hands to defeat terrorism. Recalling the sacrifices of the 18 soldiers killed in the Uri terror attack, Prime Minister Modi said India is very proud of the armed forces. "There have been 17 fidayeen attempts by our neighbour, which our brave soldiers foiled. Leaders of the neighbouring country used to say that they will fight for 1,000 years; where are they now," he asked. The Prime Minister further said more than 110 terrorists have been killed in the past few months by the Indian Army as they were trying to infiltrate. Taking a jibe at Pakistan, Prime Minister Modi said India is exporting engineers all over the world, whereas Islamabad is exporting terrorists. "I want to tell Pakistan that India is ready to fight you. If you have guts, come forward to fight against poverty. Let's see who wins? Who is able to defeat poverty and illiteracy first, Pakistan or India" he added. (ANI)